“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” – Henry Ford

ZillowDiverse Solutions was founded under the philosophy that great ideas properly implemented will pave the way for our clients and company’s future success.

In the years since our inception, we’ve established ourselves as the leader in lead generating IDX technology. We hold ourselves to a high standard in the products that we develop in order so that you may become a successful Real Estate Agent.

We’re here to serve you, the individual Real Estate Agent and Broker. To help you build a better business.

Meanwhile, Zillow’s been on a mission to empower consumers with the information, tools and technology to make smart decisions about homes, real estate and mortgages. A big part of this mission is connecting consumers with the best local agents who can help.

Put two and two together, and you have a great match.

In short, we’re very happy to announce today that Diverse Solutions has been acquired by
Zillow, Inc. and we couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come!


First and foremost, things will continue to be business as usual for Diverse Solutions with a few exceptions…

  • More Resources: With the Zillow Team behind us we’ll have more manpower, creative minds, programmers and funding to work on more projects…faster.
  • More Support: We hired a new Tech Support member to our Team in the last month. Now we’ve added a WHOLE TEAM for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Tech Support. This means answers to your tech questions, and quicker resolutions of issues with more staff to assist with problems.
  • Faster Deployment: There are a few things on our production plate. But between working on bug fixes between updates, and deploying dsSearchAgent Mobile, we always have to take into consideration what’s feasible now, versus what needs to wait to manage the integrity of our products. Well now, with the support of the Zillow Team, we can work on projects faster and still keep the integrity of our work.


Well, nothing really. Like I said, it’s business as usual for Diverse Solutions. Only now, we have more resources. That means better products, better pricing, better support, and faster turn-around.


We have a stellar team and we’ve accomplishment quite a bit in the last year with the release of dsSearchAgent v3.0 and dsSearchAgent Mobile. We’re pretty excited about the opportunity to work on bigger and better things to continue to bring you high quality lead generating products to keep with the promise we made when we founded Diverse Solutions… Empower you with the tools and the technology to help you build a better business!

In short, we aim to be a great company and better serve you!

You can read more about this announcement today over at Zillow Blog or by reading today’s press release.

50 responses to “Big Announcement Time: Diverse Solutions Acquired by Zillow

  1. Hi everyone. This is Spencer, the CEO of Zillow. First, let me welcome the Diverse Solutions team to Zillow. We’re very excited to have you join the company. Let me also say to the many thousands of DS customers — we are excited about helping make your websites be the best websites they can be. We’re going to continue to invest heavily in the Diverse Solutions team, who will continue to innovate and provide the best IDX listings products on the market.

  2. Sweet – I love the product, so it will be great to see the new innovations that more technical support and resources will help provide for.  

  3. I love the products and expect that they will continue on in much the same fashion as they have for some time.

    I really hope that this move will mean substantial updates to dsIDXpress, which has had very little for enhancements done on it since its release.  This product competes directly against Zillow’s business plan though so I worry about it continuing to languish.

    1. This is my concern, too.  Philosophically it seems very odd for Zillow to say, “we’ll sell you this indexable IDX product”, while at the same time using their massive scale (compared to most brokers & agents) to compete against us for the same SEO terms on the internet.

    2. I can assure you that dsIDXPress will continue.  There are future upgrades of this product planned and in the works. 

    3. Hey Aaron, 

      We’ve had a lot on our production plate: dsSearchAgent v3.0, Mobile, etc. dsIDXpress has definitely been on our radar. And as Justin Lajoie noted and assured below, we have future upgrades in the works. 

      It’s a great product, our clients love it, and it’s our intent to continue to make it better. 

      Ricardo Bueno
      Diverse Solutions

  4. We can only hope that the IDXPress will get some updates, maybe even contact management, but I don’t think that Zillow or even Trulia is a problem today. Many local area boards (realtors boards) are creating mega boards and giving away free facetime for listing agents, which works against people like me that work with buyers. NABOR here in Naples is considering giving agents a free IDX solution, so obviously this trend will cut into those selling IDX products.

    I think that the appeal is for those that want to do their own SEO and challenge the local mega board websites and not so much the Trulia’s and Zillows that actually charge agents for facetime online, which is the way to go.

    Lets hope we get some positive changes that gives us a distinct edge otherwise the options for the consumer will get less and less for online shopping as people like myself drop off the online RE scene

  5. If Zillow plays any games, such as Zillow LINKS on the DS IDX search or search results page… I will immediately cancel my DS subscription! ***NO links to Zillow on any DS product… EVER!*** If you think I or any other agent are dumb enough to direct our customers back to Zillow (so you can in turn, sell these same customers back to us) … then you have GROSSLY overlooked why most of us have hired DS in the first place. Also… If Zillow put’s there name all over the place in liue of DS, I am off to hire the competition (IDXbroker – they are in Oregon http://www.idxbroker.com/). I refuse to give Zillow free advertising AND lose my sites visitors by providing a “footbridge” to Zillow, ON A PRODUCT I AM PAYING FOR!

    Note: Zillow wants the links from your site to theirs… It makes them STRONGER. Agents… be advised: if Zillow gives you “new tools” to work with, I guarantee you there will be a LINK from your personal RE site back to Zillow’s hidden in these tools, just like the “FREE” Zillow widgets they presently offer. They aren’t free… you are losing your traffic to Zillow when your visitors utilize these tools, while providing Zillow with free advertising and SEO at the same time! If you link to Zillow, you are telling Google that Zillow is more important than you, so Google will rank their site above yours, all other things being equal. It’s not complicated.

    This is a Trojan horse… and Zillow is not here to “help you”. They are here to grab the consumers from your site and direct them back to theirs !!

    The Zillow programmers can also F#%K with the programming, so the IDXpress listings consistently ranks lower than Zillow in the organic search engine results. Why after all, would Zillow want the agents using the dsIDXpress to come up above Zillow in these search results? Needless to say, product development which trumps Zillow is out the door. I looked passed several other IDX providers before zeroing in on my new site to be launched shortly, and I cannot tell you how disappointed I now am. I am not fooled by the “We come in peace” approach.

    This has the Fox in the hen house written all over it! Oh, let me guess… Zillow just laid out over $7 million cool ones to help me retain more customers? How kind of them! And as a bonus, they are going to give me new tools to help my business grow? Wow… how sweet of them.

    Spencer or Ricardo… Show me I’m wrong!

    (If you will excuse me, I am off to post this comment on as many real estate sites, Twitter, Facebook, and every site I can find in the next few days).

    Greg Broderick
    Bend, Oregon

    1. Hi Greg,

      I told Spencer I would handle this one so that is why he didn’t respond to you.

      We have no intentions on changing to Zillow branding. These IDX solutions are DS products and will continue to be. With new found resources will be able to add more features and do all the things we have been wanting to. This includes new updates to dsIDXpress. We will also be exploring how the data from Zillow can benefit dsIDXpress and other solutions.  When we do this we may need to add appropriate branding and credit.  Rest assured that if we do we will be giving  you an option to turn the features off.

      1. Justin, I’m glad you posted the comment, “Rest assured that if we do [add zillow branding] we will be giving you an option to turn the features off.”  I think that’s an important commitment and that should make everyone happy here.

        For those of you who don’t know.. that’s how the current product works and it sounds like DS is committed to keeping it that way. If you want to display Zillow estimates on your property detail page, you leave that option turned on. For those of us concerned about passing along any links or leads to Zillow, you just go to the options and turn off the zestimates.  It’s simple and it works.

  6. I’m troubled by this news. Please explain to me how taking my data from my MLS and giving it to one of the largest portals so they can sell it back to me is a “benefit”. The biggest advantage we had over Zillow was stale versus fresh information. I’m still struggling with my data being a day old, rather than what was originally promised (no more than an hour) – but at least it wasn’t months old and without context, like Zillow. Are you telling me that with this “added tech support”  I’m finally going to get updates in near real time, as originally pitched to me? Or does this really mean that Zillow gets minutes old information and I get to deal with tech support on par with comcast?

    Spencer – don’t you find it a bit disingenuous to say your “excited about helping us” with out also explaining how you’ll be helping yourselves too?

    1. Hi John,
      The IDX data agreements that Diverse Solutions have with hundreds of MLSs won’t change. If you ever see a stale listing on Zillow, please feel free to flag it (we have this feature on every listing) and we’ll look at it right away. Or email me and I’ll take care of it. Stale listings on Zillow are usually the result of listing agents who don’t update their information when they upload a listing into a syndication service. Zillow suffers from  this problem, though it’s not a problem that we cause in the first place. But it is a problem.

      You’re right, I didn’t point out that Zillow’s acquisition of Diverse Solutions also helps Zillow. Honestly, I thought that was kind of obvious. But to be clear: yes, the acquisition of Diverse Solutions is beneficial to Zillow because it will give us an important product — IDX powered agent websites — to sell to real estate agents. In addition, the acquisition will help Diverse’s current clients, as well as Zillow’s nearly 15,000 Premier Agents.
      We will be rolling out more details on how exactly they will benefit in the coming quarters.

      1. Good morning Spencer:

        With respect – Why would I point out a flaw in a competitor’s web site to give them an opportunity to correct it?
        As to the “kind of obvious” comment – how will you be helping “us”? We already have purchased DS products. I currently have almost everything they offer. What isn’t obvious (at least to me, please forgive me for being obtuse), is how “the acquisition will help Diverse’s current clients”. It seems to me you’ll be making all of us less relevant, reach even deeper into our pockets, all the while bleeding off whatever search engine juice we have been able to acquire on our own. So for the  thousands of dollars I send to DS every year and the thousands of hours I have spent building my entire site around their products, I get the privilege of buying 15,000 new agents to compete with and becoming a second tier client because I’m not a Premier Agent. 
        I have no doubt “they” will benefit in the coming quarters…what I’d like to know is how “we” benefit.

        Life once again imitating art – “thank you sir, may I have another”

      2. Considering I have been battling Diverse Solutions to fix their product since the beginning of September – I would love to know how you will be working on their customer service “issues” that they have.

        It first started off as a battle when I noticed my traffic was going down at the beginning of August. I decided to backlink EVERY one of my office’s listings on classified websites in hopes that they would gain more juice.

        When I got to the end of the listings and to the new listings I noticed they weren’t updating for close to a week.

        When I tried asking DS what was wrong they wouldn’t give me a straight answer to save my life until it went into a public forum on facebook and then they were honest with what was going on.

        Now I have been attempting to open a new ticket since the 20th of October and finally got a response yesterday.


        My maps are “disappearing” out of the blue (no edits to those pages.) My bottom widgets are not displaying correctly according to my settings. My search widget communities are not updated with the RETS feed update and on that note………

        Close to all of the posts and pages that I have created in the past year (easy to say close to 200 with many many man hours) have had their searches disappear because the communities have new names.

        I…………along with every agent in Las Vegas (they may not even be aware of this issue yet) ………am at a crossroads on whether I shall rebuild every single one of these broken links (we are talking hundreds of man hours again) and continue to monitor the “case of the disappearing maps” just to see “what Zillow may have in store for us in the future”.

        That’s a huge gamble for me and all other agents here in Sin City that have to repair our broken links.

        If you would like to see communications I have had with this company that you have acquired and their customer service department, please feel free to email me at 411(at)reneeburrows(dot)com

        This was a fabulous product when it worked correctly and we should have a “set it and forget it” attitude when we do pay over $100 a month for an IDX service. Or at the very least, customer service who will notify us about link structure changes PRIOR to disruption of service.

        1. Hi Renee, 

          I do recall that we switched data feeds for GLVAR for better performance however I can’t speculate as to whether or not that has anything to do with some of the issue you noted above. I’d rather not use this thread as a medium for address a technical support question but I do know that you have been in direct contact with out Support Manager – Lindsey – who has communicated to me that she has connected with you. 

          We’ll be updating you via your Support Ticket on this. As I noted above, our first order of business is addding Tier 1 & Tier 2 Support so that any Customer Service issues moving forward are addressed in a more timely manner. 

          I understand your frustrations and value your feedback. 

          Ricardo Bueno
          Diverse Solutions

          1. I guess what I am asking is for Spencer and everyone else in the company to please detail the plans PRIOR to me fixing all that is broken.  Makes no sense to spend the time to fix all of this mess if I end up with a product I do NOT care for in six months.  

            As I mentioned – how many other area agents don’t know they have a broken product – they will have to visit this crossroads also.

        2. I was wondering why we lost 20k indexed pages in the past few months.

          I just started checking, and it does appear that several of the internal links for communities have been changed.  Is this a DS or MLS issue?  Ouch, this may set me back a hundred or so hours.  

          1. Mark: I’m running this by our Programming Team. I know that we switched feeds for better performance not too long ago, but I’m not sure if that would have anything to do with it. 

            If you have an Open Support Ticket, give me the ticket # and I’ll be sure to update. 

            Ricardo Bueno
            Diverse Solutions

  7. I think at the center of this take over is the mobile apps.
    Is entirely possible that DS has a better solution.
    But I must be concerned about the obvious competition I have on a daily basis with our local board’s mega site, trulia and zillow. Why would Zillow choose to keep the WP pluggin which is a pain for minimal dollars? Also I doubt if DS have several thousand customers. I did some scraping back when and i came up with hundreds not thousands, so the influence of numbers is not there.
    I will be calling DS today to try and pathom what is going on here, because just a few weeks ago I had asked and was assured that nothing was in the pipe and nothing was new. Really. I won’t be making any more changes to my WP site until assurance is give, in writing, that this program is continuing.
    On another note, some of us invest in a RETS feed, which is an annual fee, so obviously knowing the product will be available, at least for another year, will be refreshing

    1. Graham: our clients love dsIDXpress and to date, many clients have seen much success with it. That said, we have no intentions of discontinuing the product. In fact, as Justin Lajoie noted in the comments to this post, we’re working on product upgrades to dsIDXpress. 

      Ricardo Bueno
      Diverse Solutions

      1. Ricardo love is something we have for things that have a soul. I like the product, I don’t love it. I love my wife and kids. Just wanted to clarify that Ricardo because I didn’t mention love or hate in my post.

        1. Graham: I’m not sure I understand your question… In short, we’re keeping the product because it works. Exceedingly well at an affordable price. So we’ll continue to offer what works (dsIDXpress in it’s current form) and we’ll also continue to innovate (by making/offering updates to dsIDXpress from it’s current form). 

          Ricardo Bueno
          Diverse Solutions

        2. Graham: I’m not sure I understand your question… In short, we’re keeping the product because it works. Exceedingly well at an affordable price. So we’ll continue to offer what works (dsIDXpress in it’s current form) and we’ll also continue to innovate (by making/offering updates to dsIDXpress from it’s current form). 

          Ricardo Bueno
          Diverse Solutions

          1. dsIDXpress hasn’t changed much. But I posted my questions/concerns below for Spencer CEO of ZIllow to answer

  8. Wow. There is some heat on these comments. My feelings… I don’t care one bit who owns diverse solutions. Just give me the best IDX product on the market and I’ll take care of getting the users to my site. If Zillow intends to improve the DS product with new features and faster development cycles, than I’m excited about this news. Even with it’s flaws, dsSearchAgent is still the best plug in IDX tool on the market. The ball is in Zillow’s court to see if they can keep it that way.

    I believe some of the heated comments boiling over here is really pent up frustration with DS when it comes to customer requests. Whether it is true or not, there is a perception that DS stonewalls requests from clients without adequate explanation for their decisions. The best example is the lack of a simple “Inquire about this Property” button that many of us have been extremely vocal about on the forum, suggestion box, emails, etc. Every other IDX product has a clear call to action button at the top of the page to ask a question about a property which encourages user interaction. When version 3.0 came, the only clearly placed interaction button was “Schedule a Showing”.  A “contact us” box was placed further down the side of the detail page but it doesn’t come across as being related to that specific property.  The hard core users immediately noticed a decrease in online interaction from our website users but every time we requested a simple “Ask a question” button addition, all we heard back from DS was “we’re looking at the data and we will get back to you”.  Come on, it’s not like we were asking for polygon searching to be built overnight… we just wanted a clearly placed, call to action button or to change the text of an existing button.  For more on this subject, please see the forum post> http://forum.diversesolutions.com/threads/299-How-to-generate-5-10x-more-lead

    As I said above I like product, I just with there was a product manager/user liaison type person who would listen to requests and act as an advocate for the users.

  9. Spencer – I see you already responded to a comment after mine, but neglected to address my concerns. I ask you again… will the DS products now have Zillow advertising and hot links back to Zillow from the DS products I am paying for? I hired DS because they were private label, not so I could direct my hard earned visitors back to you, while providing Zillow with every benefit possible from my site (SEO juice, free advertising, and my clients). It is fair to say the other 6000 DS clients would probably agree with me? If Zillow wants to get in the IDX game for agents, it’s a free world, but lets call it what it is. Do you really think agents like myself will stay with DS if it walks like Zillow and talks like Zillow? The wolf in sheep’s clothing will only last so long.

    I want to be different…. I don’t want my IDX to look like every other agent’s in my region. If every agent under the sun starts using the DS/Zillow IDX platform, then I will go elsewhere. I hired DS to compete with you, not sleep with you.

    Do I dislike Zillow? NO… I AM A PREMIERE AGENT WITH ZILLOW! The difference is, I pay Zillow for this… and it is entirely separate from my personal site! I am NOT going to pay Zillow to come in on my own website so they can grab my customers through their “free” widgets/tools/hot links – which in turn, re-direct MY visitors back to them.

    I predict Diverse Solutions will soon be wearing so much Zillow clothing that agents like myself will seek out a new IDX partner… and not one Zillow is sleeping with.

    Greg Broderick
    Bend, Oregon


    1. Hi Greg, 

      I’m copy-pasting Justin Lajoie’s comment above in case you missed it… 


      Hi Greg,

      I told Spencer I would handle this one so that is why he didn’t respond to you.We have no intentions on changing to Zillow branding. These IDX solutions are DS products and will continue to be. With new found resources will be able to add more features and do all the things we have been wanting to. This includes new updates to dsIDXpress. We will also be exploring how the data from Zillow can benefit dsIDXpress and other solutions.  When we do this we may need to add appropriate branding and credit.  Rest assured that if we do we will be giving  you an option to turn the features off.

      Justin LaJoie
      Diverse Solutions

      1. Justin –

        As long as individual agents can turn the Zillow branding off… then I think we can get along just fine. BUT… if the new features will only be added under the guise of Zillow’s involvement, and in turn this credit (in the form of advertising and links back to Zillow) will then be given to Zillow, then please know that I will be searching out an alternate IDX solution. I pay Zillow to be a Premiere agent on Zillow’s website, and I will continue to do so –  but Zillow is not invited to be my business partner on my personal website by sneaking in the back door as my IDX provider. Can you blame me?

  10. Spencer
    I took a look at your spencerrascoff.com site and it has the wrong phone number Phone: 4256797835 in the record, just so you know.

    I would like to ask you this. Seeing that this news, one of our competitors just bought our service, not good news as you can imagine for those that use the WP Pluggin, what can you offer us as a token of good faith? I speak for myself.

    Please elaborate on the following:
    Do you plan on making improvements to the pluggin?
    Do you plan on adding Zillow branding to the pluggin?
    Do you plan on adding features with opt-out options to the pluggin?
    Will you offer existing DS customers a Zillow life premier membership?
    Will you offer Zillow members the pluggin/service at a reduced price or package it in a way that makes our existing service more affordable?

    Obviously being silent about your intentions will probably lead to a slow dilution of an existing membership, so I would suggest that being upfront be your best option

    1. Hi Graham, 

      As I mentioned in a previous comment, dsIDXpress is a valued product amongst our clients and we have no intention of changing that. 

      To quote Justin Lajoie as commented  above… 

      “We have no intentions on changing to Zillow branding. These IDX solutions are DS products and will continue to be. With new found resources will be able to add more features and do all the things we have been wanting to. This includes new updates to dsIDXpress. We will also be exploring how the data from Zillow can benefit dsIDXpress and other solutions.  When we do this we may need to add appropriate branding and credit.  Rest assured that if we do we will be giving  you an option to turn the features off.”


      Ricardo Bueno
      Diverse Solutions

  11. “We’re very impressed by the products and team that Diverse Solutions has assembled, and we look forward to offering agents these new solutions for powering their websites and marketing strategies,” said Rascoff. “With this acquisition, Zillow now can offer agents a broad suite of valuable tools to market themselves across the Web and mobile – whether on their own websites via Diverse Solutions, on Zillow, or across multiple sites via our listings distribution service, Postlets.”


  12. I’ve been watching and waiting to see the comments that this inspired.  Me?  I’m hoping that much of the “bad” stuff never happens (who knows?), but overall like this for one reason and one reason only: innovation.

    It’s obvious that DS needs more programmers and development staff, considering how long it takes to add new things to the mix (I give them credit for getting some things added swiftly, but things like the modules are old and outdated in my opinion).  Hopefully Zillow will really take this to heart and dive in and add more ways to widgetize and utilize the data (whether IDXpress or SearchAgent).

    I love the product, despite some glitches I’ve had here and there (interestingly, my experience with support has been stellar so far, other than the occasional “dead end” of “it’s the way the feed comes to us”).

    Spencer and team – Good luck, I truly hope you prove the people wrong that have been panicked about the buyout.  My gut tells me that the intentions are good…for now.  I hope they remain that way long into the future.

    Ricardo and DS – Congratulations.  Hope this means great things moving forward for all of you and the products.  Keep rocking the way you have in the past.

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