In 2005, when Diverse Solutions was founded, our core value was to be the most innovative IDX solution available, while maintaining a high quality boutique feel and delivering excellent customer service. Over the next 10 years we became one of the most trusted IDX solutions, with some of the best agents and brokers in the industry. We focused on maintaining and scaling our platform and keeping up with competitors. We are very proud of the relationships and products we’ve built so far, but innovation can’t stop.

We’ve been putting a lot of thought and effort into what comes next for Diverse Solutions, and today, we are pleased to roll out a refreshed look, along with a new CRM product, Envoy for Agents.

Envoy for Agents is the result of many months of design and development. We began working on Envoy in January of 2015 with the goal to help agents, teams and brokers deal the massive amount of leads they get every day in a seamless fashion. To accomplish this we talked to our existing customers, spoke with leaders in the real estate industry, and partnered with some of the best technology providers to lay a foundation for our most innovative new product. We think we’ve built a great CRM that will help agents be incredibly productive with features like:

  • A new workflow to help agents organize and manage leads as they are submitted.
  • A visual way for agents to see how often leads are searching, and what criterion about a home is most important to them.
  • Agents can create custom searches (Pro Searches) that will alert their leads when new homes matching their criterion come on to the market.

Envoy Screen Shot

This is just the beginning. Over time we’re going to build on this foundation with new tools and features to help agents further automate their sales process.

While our developers were hard at work on Envoy, we gave our Diverse Solution brand an update. This redesign is focused on putting our best foot forward and marking our commitment to innovation. We think this new face for Diverse showcases that we are serious about building the most innovative IDX solutions and tools for agents and brokers. Drawing on our past, we took the best elements of our design to tell the entire story of our history and also elude to the future of the company.


EnvoyMarketingSite1So join us in celebrating this next phase of Diverse Solutions – we look forward to an amazing year with you.

You can learn more about Envoy for Agents and see our new site by going to

7 responses to “The New Diverse Solutions

  1. My Envoy CRM is not working. I am getting this message: “Import in process”. Our agent reach is not working either. We have people signing up but nothing is there when I click the hyperlink on their name in my email. I also can’t search for the new leads in the CRM.

  2. Hi West, regarding the “import in process”… that message should only currently be showing for contacts you previously manually added to the old CRM. We have a fix in the works, though. Also, this message won’t inhibit your ability to work with those contacts in the new CRM. Regarding the other issue you mentioned, we will need additional details in order to look into this further for you. I will have someone from our Support Team here reach out to you for additional details so we can look into this. Thank you!

  3. Envoy has a lot of good features and has great potential. However I find the Pro Search worthless at the moment (sending automated property listings) because MY EMAIL ADDRESS is Not in the “From” line. My clients have no idea who “” is when they receive their Pro Search automated property listings. This is the Most important function for my workflow and unfortunately it is Not effective unless Diverse Solutions can figure out how to get our personal email addresses in the email “From” line. Every CRM that I have used (at least 3 others) were able to use MY EMAIL ADDRESS. I know this is possible and just this one feature would be a Huge enhancement for Envoy.

    1. Hi Jerrod!

      Thank you for your feedback! We definitely appreciate all customer suggestions and feedback about our products.

      We do have an open conversation / suggestion we are considering regarding this issue. I can’t make any promises as to what may change yet but do check back with us down the road.

    2. Hey Jarrod,

      Great news! We were able to implement this suggestion! The “Pro Search” emails will now show your email address in the “from” line! This has already been implemented and any emails sent out today would have displayed your email. Thank you again for your suggestion and we hope you have a great day! =)

  4. Lindsay, Tremendous, thank you and the team very much for following up to get this working! Sure enough I see it working on Pro Search test emails sent to myself yesterday. This should really help to cultivate many of my leads, Thanks again!

    1. We’re happy to help, Jerrod! I’m glad this will be helpful to you as I’m sure it will be for all our customers’. Have a wonderful day!

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