Landing pages are an integral part of your website. If you’re using dsIDXpress, we make it real easy for you to create an effective landing page full with IDX data.

Today, I thought I’d shoot a comprehensive tutorial on how to build out those neighborhood landing pages step by step.

Check it out:

(Can’t see this video? Click here.)

How are you using dsIDXpress to build out your landing pages? Have an examples you’d like to share?

12 responses to “How To Build a Lead Converting Real Estate Landing Page

  1. Great tutorial Ricardo!  Will work on adding various search ranges on my landing pages.  The reason for the variety of  prices was because I had set it up to be the most recent new listings.  Of course on my home page,  clients can search for EXACTLY what they want, price range, towns, bedrooms, etc. And they can save that search. 

    As for detailed town info, consider that Weddington, NC is about 9500 in population and has 1 grocery store and 2 restaurants total, vs. Alahambra, CA which has over 85,000+ and probably has a lot more info to share.  🙂   We do also have a farm that sells products on a corner, that I could add though.  LOL.  Yeah, it’s pretty rural. And wonderful.  🙂 

  2. Ricardo- I loved this post!  Easy to do and implement.  Would be great if the video were more legible full screen.

    Question- Where on the DS website is all of this how-to info found?  

    1. Ron: Thanks for the feedback. I can adjust the screen resolution when I’m getting set to publish. I’ll just increase it to fit a larger frame. 

      As for more tutorials, they’re located here: If there’s anything in particular that you’re looking for, let me know. Otherwise, I’ll try and fire some more of these types of videos here on the site 🙂 

  3. Hi Ricardo,

    Parameters seem overly complicated. Why not just do a search with the parameters you want, copy the URL, and then turn the text into the page into a link?

    Then just copy and paste that link changing a few of the parameters.

    The really cool thing is that with so many plugins using shortcode, other than if you want really well optimized SEO text, you can build thousands of landing pages on wordpress instantly with little more than a list. 🙂

    1. Sam: That’s certainly one way to do it. But I did want to hi-light the process for typing a link structure manually, from scratch. The reason being is that you can add so much more on top of what I referenced here in this video. You can add paramaters to sort by price, newest on the market, highest priced first. To show foreclosures only or not show foreclosures. You can sort by property type and much, much more. All within a single link structure. Those are things that a search from the widget won’t necessarily do. 

      Some people like to do a link structure for multiple Agent ID’s. For example: yourblog(dot)com/?idx-q-ListingAgentID=1234&idx-q-ListingAgentID=3445

      …so on and so forth. 

      And yes, building tons of pages is great. But having a good internal linking structure within those pages (such as the list) is also very, very important.

      1. 🙂 I figured you were teaching the basics. I had forgotten about Agent IDs. Are these an ID that you assign or that is assigned by the MLS?

        I think the number of possible page combinations just jumped into the millions with the links being created automatically the same way.

        If only there was a faster way to create a few paragraphs of content then an army of $5/hour VAs….and then there’s that dad’gum Google Panda update!. grrrrr

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