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You Make the Website, We’ll Get Them Traffic

Delight your client with Traffic Workx—a consistent flow of high-quality traffic to their website.

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Expert Search Engine Marketing Help for Your Client

Search engine marketing allows real estate agents to quickly increase their website traffic and level the playing field with listing portals like Zillow. But agents excel at helping people buy and sell homes, not researching keywords and managing search engine ad campaigns.

Traffic Workx enables agents to consistently benefit from search engine marketing without doing all the hard work. Our experts will create and manage campaigns customized for your client to ensure they receive a guaranteed number of unique website visitors searching for listings in their area—every single month!

Integrated With WordPress

Traffic Workx is integrated with WordPress IDX—you can simultaneously add stunning, up-to-date MLS listings to your client’s website and get them a steady stream of visitors who are searching for those listings!

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What Our Customers Say

Joel Hilkert
Agent from Cedar City, UT

“Within weeks of starting with Traffic Workx, the number of leads my WordPress website is generating has greatly increased. I no longer have to worry about spending time driving home buyers and sellers to my website – the Diverse Solutions advertising team manages my marketing campaigns for me.”

How It Workx

1. Choose Their Preferred Cities

With Traffic Workx, your client can target people searching for listings in any city they serve. All you need to do to get started is select their preferred cities!

2. We Target Online Home Searchers for Them

Our digital advertising experts will create and manage Google and Bing ad campaigns targeting people searching for listings in your client’s preferred cities.

3. They Get a Steady Stream of Website Traffic

Your client will receive a consistent stream of website traffic every month—Traffic Workx guarantees a minimum number of monthly unique visitors.

4. Visitors Get Listings, Your Client Gets Leads

When consumers click on your client’s ads, the webpages they land on are the ones most relevant to their search. They immediately see the listings they want, which makes them more likely to become a lead!

Delight Your Client With Traffic Workx!

Availability is limited—there are only so many people searching for listings online. Contact us today to check availability in your client’s local market!

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