10 Ways To Make Your Real Estate Blog Get Noticed

stand out from the crowdThere are dozens if not hundreds of Real Estate Blogs getting started every day. Still, you know that starting one of your own is going to be good for your business.

A well authored Real Estate Blog can help you gain visibility – both via search and in your community. It can help you build trust with your readers which ultimately, leads to sales.

But how do you stand out from the dozens of other Real Estate Blogs? What makes yours unique?

Here’s a couple of ways to make your Real Estate Blog get noticed…

  1. Start with a good design. Let me put it this way, would you show up to a listing appointment wearing shorts and a t-shirt? Probably not. Just as you’d dress up to make the sale, your blog needs to be dressed and ready to make a good first impression 100% of the time. You accomplish this by having a solid site design.
  2. Add your unique style/voice. It’s ok to write like you speak (to some extent). You’re not writing a term paper here. The reason you want to inject your own style/voice, is because that’s what makes you different from the dozens of other real estate blogs.
  3. Stay consistent – don’t let your blog go stale. Like bread, blogs have a shelf-life too. So if you go weeks/months without posting, your content is going to go stale and readers won’t come back.
  4. Connect with your readers. This means enabling and responding to comments and emails in a timely manner. Encourage a discussion by asking questions and talking about things other than just real estate (local activities, and other fun things to do). Remember, you’re not just selling real estate, you’re selling the community.
  5. Create resource pages that people can reference easily. Here’s an idea, take all of your best blog posts on Buying and Selling real estate and create landing pages titled “Home Buying 101” and “Selling 101.” Copyblogger calls this creating cornerstone content. In this case, you’re creating a resource that your audience can use over and over again and recommend to others.
  6. Make it easy to find your best content. You might be writing excellent content that serves as a resource to your readers, but if it’s difficult to find on your site, then it really doesn’t matter how good it is. You not only have to make your design/layout more focused and intentional, you need to learn to use categories effectively to make it easy to find your best content.
  7. Get visual. Learn to use more pictures to break up the text in your blog posts. When you add a visual element to your blog posts it helps catch the attention of those who are visually oriented. It also makes it easier to read through your content.
  8. Eye catching post titles matter. Simply put, post titles are your opportunity to catch someone’s attention and draw them into your posts for further reading. It’s make or break. You’ll either catch someone’s attention with your post title and convince them to click and read your article, or you’ll lose them to the next blog. (Further reading: How To Write Headlines That Work).
  9. Let the reader get to know you by adding more to your “About” page. By more I mean adding a picture, injecting some personality. What are your hobbies, accomplishments, etc. If they’re clicking on your “About” page, it’s because they want to get to know you, so let them accomplish that easily.
  10. Become the Go-To resource for everything in your local community. When I think of Clark County Real Estate, Dale Chumbley comes to mind. In Pasadena, Irina Netchaev comes to mind. They not only know the real estate market, they know everything local – things to do, places to visit, restaurants and more. It shows because they write about these things every day. Safe to say, they’re the local, Go-To resource for everything about the community (in addition to Real Estate).

What would you add? What are some additional ways to help make your Real Estate Blog get noticed?