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It’s safe to say that having a website for your real estate business in 2018 is a must, but what components of your website are necessary for successful conversions? Online conversions are when visitors perform a series of actions, outlined by you. One example of this is registering to save a listing search, going from a visitor to a new lead in ... Read more +

Technology is advancing at warp speed, and what formerly seemed rather science-fiction-ish has worked its way into the mainstream. Artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, machine and deep learning – these technological advances may find their way into the real estate industry in a much bigger way in 2018. However, if your basics aren’t... Read more +

A Real Estate Professional’s Tool Panoramic photos for real estate listing. 360 degree panoramic photos showcasing your properties are made easy with the Pano Photos App.  Whether you are an Apple or Android phone owner, this post is made for you.  Technology has come a long way in a short time, particularly in regards to smartphone ... Read more +

We could do exhaustive studies and statistical analysis of our site IDX search page visitors to find out how many are local versus non-local residents.  However, it’s more than safe to say that there are people using your IDX search page who have limited or no knowledge of how a certain neighborhood actually looks or the type of homes there.... Read more +

Remember Everything with Evernote Evernote is one really useful tool for the busy real estate professional.  In short, Evernote is a memory tool for the Internet, your email, and your business.  Using the many ways in which this service allows you to save information, web pages and emails for future reference, the real estate professional can ... Read more +

Let’s say that you have already promoted your real estate business by creating a beautiful website, handing out business cards and even advertising in the local newspaper. You have taken steps to self-promote and that is valuable. But how proactive are you when it comes to soliciting reviews? Sometimes, what you have to say about yourself is ... Read more +

Real estate professionals with mobile devices want instant access to information that will increase their productivity and efficiency while they’re out in the field. Thanks to a number of new mobile applications, both free and by paid subscription, the potential to get more done each day has never been greater. Check out these 7 great apps ... Read more +

Site speed is how quickly a website responds to web requests. Basically, it’s how long your website takes to load and it matters because it’s a signal that Google takes into consideration in it’s search ranking algorithms. So, how do you determine what a good load time is? How do you measure and know if your site is performing ... Read more +

Jay Thompson delivered one of my favorite presentations at Agent Reboot Phoenix on Wednesday. It was one of my favorites because it was real practical in terms of things you can turn around and implement and test to see if your site is performing well and how you might improve the layout and design of your site for maximum impact (a.k.a. better ... Read more +