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Capture More Leads With Your IDX Website Disappointed by the low volume of new clients your website is contributing to your business? Download “The Anatomy of a Lead Generating IDX Website” today to learn how to optimize your site for capturing more home buyer and seller leads. Download the guide to learn about: Insights into how ... Read more +

Small changes can be powerful and A/B testing is the way to real estate website optimization. Quick! What happens to your brain when you read tech terms such as “conversion rates,” “A/B testing” or “split testing”? Mine goes into shut-down mode and my eyes start to cross. But, if you have a real estate website, these are important terms... Read more +

There are ways agents can use their real estate website and online assets they already have to solidify their brand. Real estate PR is perhaps a lost art, but it doesn’t need to be. With a little fine-tuning, your website and social profiles can boost your brand, improve social proof (your online reputation), and nurture leads right into ... Read more +

IDX is the technology that allows MLS listings end up on a real estate website.  It facilitates real engagement, as visitors on your website are able to search listings in their target area, in their price range, in real time. A recent spate of online articles claim that real estate professionals should ditch the “middle-man” and forego IDX ... Read more +

What Google is to search engines WordPress is to websites – it has literally taken over the Internet. If you’re just starting out in real estate or you’re an established agent looking to beef up your web presence, consider WordPress for your agent website. What is WordPress? It’s surprising, but not everyone is familiar with WordPress. So, ... Read more +

What Is Walk Score and Why Use It? In the 2005 Traveler Opinion and Perception Survey, the Federal Highway Administration reported some interesting statistics about walking in the U.S. 107.4 million Americans use walking as a regular mode of travel. That represented about 51% of the travelling public in 2005. On average, these 107.4 million ... Read more +

What are the most successful lead cultivation practices? Real estate professionals cultivate leads in a variety of ways.  Before the Internet it was all about networking, print marketing, T.V., radio, homes magazines, business cards and other traditional media that still work for us.  Then along came the Web and we added websites, blogs and ... Read more +

IDX email alerts are pretty amazing. Home buyers want updates on the latest listings and real estate agents want to stay in touch with buyers on a regular basis.  The solution is simple: IDX email alerts. Buyers see the value in getting access to the latest listings, so by offering updates via email, agents have an easy solution for staying in ... Read more +

Consumers are coming to your real estate website to do one thing… Search for homes. The easier you make it for consumers to be able to search for homes on your website, the longer they’ll stay and the more likely they’ll be to convert. So today, we’re happy to share some new (Free) icon sets to display those Call To Actions ... Read more +

One of the primary reasons consumers are coming to your website is to search for homes. The easier you make it to do just that, the better. You want to publish IDX listings on your website to make it easy for consumers to find homes for sale, but also, to make it easier for Google to crawl and index your listings. So here’s 5 strategic areas ... Read more +