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Capturing Real Estate Leads by Offering Reports One of the best techniques a real estate website can use to capture leads is offering sold property and other statistical reports.  Offer to email buyers (or sellers) a market report or similar document if they provide you their email address. Sellers also value statistics and they particularly look ... Read more +

The benefit of having an email autoresponder for your real estate blog is that it provides you a quick and easy way to follow up with your prospects – automatically. When someone registers to use your IDX map search, they’ve essentially expressed interest in buying a home. You might follow up with them right away, you might not. But by ... Read more +

How often you show up to remind customers you’re there, matters. Think of it this way… It’s kinda like sitting at a restaurant. You just finished a meal, and the waiter comes around to say, “hi, how was everything? Great, can I help you with anything else, maybe some dessert?” You weren’t really thinking about ... Read more +

When a site visitor subscribes to your dsSearchAgent mapping IDX, they get a custom welcome email. This is an opportunity for you to confirm their registration, and make a good first impression with your new contact. All IDX registration emails are fully customizable which means you can add your contact information, logo and/or full HTML editing ... Read more +

Generating business from your real estate blog is all about lead capture. You do that via: The registration form on your IDX Map Search. The “Quick Contact” forms on your dsIDXpress listing pages. And specific landing pages you might create like this example from Jay Thompson. The first thing you want to do is determine the type of ... Read more +

An email autoresponder (a.k.a. “Drip Campaign”) is a sequence of follow up emails that get delivered to your subscribers on a schedule that you decide. Why do you need one?  It’s an opportunity to connect with you prospects. They’ve subscribed (or registered to your IDX) so they’ve given you their attention. ... Read more +

First off, what is social proof? Wikipedia has this definition of Social Proof: Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more ... Read more +

Without a doubt, email marketing is a top method for following up with your prospects and nurturing them towards a sale. The challenge arises when you’ve put together a really cool email that will educate and inspire your prospect to action… but you can’t come up with a subject line that’s compelling enough to get your email opened. The key... Read more +

Whether you’re looking to build a community or generate leads online then you’re probably using a blog as your marketing hub. The unfortunate side-affect of blogs is that they can lull someone into a false sense of productivity and engagement when it comes to marketing… especially if you’re not using the following tool. In the past, many ... Read more +