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Real Estate News and Updates

Take full advantage of the latest WordPress IDX Plugin release and WOW your website visitors. In this webinar, learn how you can tap into the new website features, navigation, and more, that will help you generate more leads for your business. Interested in getting a guaranteed number of additional visitors for your WordPress website every month ... Read more +

REALTORS blog for various reasons. Typically, blogging in real estate consists of blogging for blogging’s sake, or blogging for leads and commissions.  Or, maybe you think you’re blogging for leads, but you’re just not getting any. Why waste time and effort if you’re not ending up with qualified leads that result in ... Read more +

Post on-the-go with WordPress app The life of a real estate agent is far from easy. In fact, when you are doing any level of business at all, it can be quite hectic. Between showing homes, taking photos, gathering documents, listing properties, and coordinating transactions, we belong to a busy group.  What’s more is that all of these ... Read more +

Recent breaking news from Google is that they’re doing away with Google Reader, the popular RSS feed reader product.  This news has generated a ton of criticism, as those who really use RSS feeds to gather information will now have to learn to use other products.  They’re upset, but Google has some really smart people on staff, and ... Read more +

Attracting a readership is a tough thing to do. At times, it might seem like no one is reading, and you’ll want to give up. Or, it might feel like you’re not growing your audience fast enough. Here’s a few reasons why you might not be getting the amount of traction you’re looking for (and what to do about it)… 1. You ... Read more +

In a previous post, I gave you a quick SEO blogging checklist for optimizing your blog posts. It’s a critical part of your writing and one that most agents skip. A great post is not only properly structured and formatted, it’s written with search engine friendly copy, and the appropriate title tags and keywords so that you increase the ... Read more +

The more unique content you write for your real estate blog, the better. The main benefits of blogging are increased content for SEO and more material for new site visitors to engage with. So naturally, the more you write, the better. But writing takes time and energy. We get that. Still, dsIDXpress has a pretty neat feature that makes it easier to... Read more +

Unfortunately, people do judge a book by it’s cover. That means, that people are making a decision on whether they like you or not, whether they trust you or not, within the first 30 seconds to a minute of landing on your website. Can I find the information I’m looking for? Does this site look trustworthy? Is the information presented ... Read more +

If you want to get noticed by search engines & site visitors, you need to write lots of high quality content. But you knew that already. You also know that it’s one of the more time intensive tasks when it comes to managing a real estate blog. What will I write about today? Tomorrow? The day after that? Well, here are a few ideas for ... Read more +

Write a blog post ==> Check for typos ==> Publish. That’s the process most people take when writing a blog post. Heck, some people skip the second step. Then, they wonder why no one’s reading… Why no one’s commenting… And why no one’s visiting their website. Well, here’s the thing, there’s quite... Read more +