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Real Estate News and Updates

Create a YouTube account to easily display your listings and area information! Real estate professionals have wholeheartedly adopted the Internet, with almost all having one or more websites or blogs.  Along with that, images have become a tool to attract site visitors and hold their attention while they’re on the site. Many have been a bit ... Read more +

Last week we shared 5 ways to use video creatively in your real estate business. Today, we have some tips for you from Stephen Schweickart, Co-Founder of VScreen – a professional video production company. You can check out more awesome tips and techniques in their Video 101 Series. [youtube width=600 height=480]m_1UAlMbOpg[/youtube]... Read more +

Video can be tough and uncomfortable to create but it’s pretty darn effective (and important). It’s important because it captures a certain element that the written word simply can’t. You get to hear the nuances in someone’s voice and see their facial expressions. It sounds simple sure, but often times, it’s easier ... Read more +