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Real Estate News and Updates

Tracking IDX Traffic Using Google Analytics Did you know that our Mapping IDX already has google analytics integration? If you are not already using Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on your website, you should be.  This post is not meant to be a tutorial on setting up and using Google Analytics, but you’ll find plenty of Google help ... Read more +

The goal of your website should be to turn readers into friends and friends into customers. You do this by writing about and engaging in conversations about real estate and getting people to contact you about buying or selling a home. You spend all of this time writing content for your website and promoting that content. You get traffic spikes here... Read more +

If you’re running a real estate blog as a part of your lead generation efforts, there’s some key statistics that you really need to understand: Visitor Demographics, Top Landing Pages, Conversions Understanding some of these key statistics will give you a better understanding of what consumers are doing on your site, how ... Read more +