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Real Estate News and Updates

You’ll notice that when using shortcodes with dsIDXpress (our WordPress plugin), the MLS disclaimer is inserted at the footer of your page instead of at the bottom of your blog post. Currently, this is not something that can be changed. Getting each MLS to approve the display of their data this way was a bit of a challenge and part of getting ... Read more +

We’re excited to announce November’s lineup of FREE webinars, with a couple of additions, covering dsSearchAgent and dsAgentReach. You’ll learn: How to get your new mapping MLS IDX solution on your site, How to customize the look and feel of your new mapping solution, How to manage your visitors/registrations, How to create ... Read more +

All I can say is wow.  Over the last week it has been kind of a whirlwind for us here. The phone calls and emails have been and still are coming in at a blistering pace. The great  dsIDXpress conversations happening on various blogs and forums around the web are amazing.  Our online community is a bubbling cauldron of activity with our support ... Read more +

There’s been a great debate (cross post) running around the web lately regarding the effectiveness of an indexable IDX solution. While the debate seems to have arose around the release of our new dsIDXpress indexable IDX solution, the concepts behind the debate are not. We’ve been diligently following these conversations across the blogosphere ... Read more +

After the fantastic response and great reviews we received from our previous announcement about the beta, we’re REALLY excited to announce today that our dsIDXpress WordPress IDX plugin is now available in nearly ALL of our dsSearchAgent coverage areas! Between the time when we made the announcement and today, we spent a great deal of time to ... Read more +

Scrollbars suck. I think we can all agree on that, but when you have a “framed” idx solution, you can easily assume you’re going to run into a scrollbar here or there. Well not anymore! Through a mesh of ingenuity, and a bit of alchemy, our wizards (legit mad ones) have cooked up some magic for our IDX embedding code that ... Read more +

Two days ago, we deployed a very significant change to the way our dsSearchAgent IDX product is served to our clients and our clients’ clients. Did you notice? No, there weren’t any new features this time around. This time, we focused our efforts on load time and performance. Overall, we were able to make a number of changes that decreased the ... Read more +

Okay, we admit it. We’re suckers for Walk Score and the philosophy behind it. Here’s how Front Seat, the guys behind Walk Score, describe their product: Walk Score helps people find walkable places to live. Walk Score calculates the walkability of an address by locating nearby stores, restaurants, schools, parks, etc. Walk Score measures how ... Read more +

So, lets talk about some about some more new options you may have noticed that we’ve added to allow you to customize your dsSearchAgent even further. New Options You can now set Acres as the default measure of Lot Size. This affects the “Lot Size” Criteria in the Search Tab. You can now turn off the pre-built Header in your ... Read more +

We’ve always felt Zillow is a great tool for your Visitors to use when searching for a home. That’s why we put the Zestimate in the Property Details / Tools Tab, and why we recently integrated the ability to search for Zillow “Make Me Move” or “For Sale By Owner listings”. The one thing that we can honestly say ... Read more +