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Real Estate News and Updates

Encouraging dsSearchAgent User Activity It’s a nice addition to your day when you receive a text message and email letting you know that you have a new dsSearchAgent lead.  They’ve registered on the site, perhaps because they want more features in their searches, or because they want email listing notifications or the ability to save ... Read more +

[Note: This is a basic video tutorial to dsIDXpress…] The great thing about dsIDXpress is that it’s not only easy to install, but it does a lot of the heavy lifting for displaying IDX listings on your domain for you. See, the way it works is, it’ll take every single listing as it hits the MLS, and it’ll create what we call a... Read more +

We previously talked about what the best settings might be for forced registration on your mapping IDX. While there isn’t a clear-cut answer as to what will work for your specific website and market area, it’s quite easy to customize the registration settings on your mapping IDX and test your results. Here’s how: (If you ... Read more +

In our recent client spotlight we hi-lighted a site that uses expandable sidebar menu’s to link to their listings. That effect is created using a WordPress Plugin called J Shortcodes. Between a combination of the dsIDXpress link-structure and J Shortcodes, you can create the same effect for your own real estate blog. Here’s how… ... Read more +

Earlier this year we launched the Diverse Solutions Help Desk as a way to provide you (DIY) instructions on how to use our various products. Well, I’d like to add more to the Help Desk but also publish more here on the blog to help you optimize your website with our IDX technologies for better results. I hope to do this in two ways: More ... Read more +