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Real Estate News and Updates

There are lots of business out there that are reluctant to embrace social media – blogs, social networks, et cetera. Both for fear of putting themselves out there, and for fear of negative comments. What if someone says something bad about my company? I don’t want that on my blog or on the web… That’s just it though, ... Read more +

Selling swimming pools doesn’t sound all that exciting. Let alone blogging about selling swimming pools. After all, what’s there to say? Well, a lot as it turns out… Marcus Sheridan started a swimming pool company, River Pools and Spas in 2001. Finding himself selling in a tough economy, he turned to the web to help market his ... Read more +

The Corcoran Group is the largest residential real estate brokerage in New York. They’re the winner of Inman News’ 2011 Social Media Innovator of the Year Award – and rightly so. If there’s anyone that “get’s” social media, it’s Matthew Shadbolt, Corcoran’s Director of Interactive Product & ... Read more +

Spanning more than 800 million active users, Facebook has undoubtedly grown to be the world’s largest social network. This presents both an opportunity and a challenge to marketers… How do you connect and engage with clients (and potential clients) in a non-salesy way? After all, nobody wants to feel marketed to. So, join me and ... Read more +

Content Management Systems, like WordPress, make it ridiculously simple to maintain a website. You can publish a blog post, edit a page, manipulate the layout and more. But just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it takes care of itself. Maintaining a website is like maintaining a home. You have to mow the lawn every week, and ... Read more +

Is e-mail marketing dead? No. Far from it… But sometimes it feels that way because it’s not being as effective and people aren’t opening your emails. So beyond providing killer content, what can we do to give our messages the best shot at getting opened and read? Today, e-mail marketing expert DJ Waldow — Director of ... Read more +

How much is a #1 Google Ranking worth to your business? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way) Sure, you know SEO (search engine optimization) is important, but do you know how to effectively do SEO? Well, we know someone who does. And we thought him to be the perfect candidate to help us kick off our new bi-weekly(ish) podcast (but ... Read more +