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[We are delving into way advanced IDX features here, so this guide is geared towards web site developers or clients with coding experience.] It’s pretty easy to build an IDX search module and add it to your site, but polishing the look with snazzy customizations requires some CSS wizardry. CSS can transform your search module from a basic black ... Read more +

Say you have a great looking website and an IDX system for lead capture. That’s great, you have the tools necessary to start generating some leads. But the next step is to start driving some web traffic, and also, to get those web visitors to stay on your site longer as they consume, read and engage with your content. The more time they spend... Read more +

When designing a real estate website, there are several key elements that you need to take into consideration and integrate into your design in order for it to effectively convert traffic into leads, and leads into customers. You want site visitors to be able to easily navigate your website, find what they’re looking for (IDX listings), and ... Read more +

404 errors are just a standard error used across the web to indicate that a page no longer exists. Our WordPress IDX plugin for example, displays listings that are on the real estate market and available for purchase. It does not display listings that have sold, or changed status to “pending.” So when those listings are sold or go off ... Read more +

Every day I see people in forums and on Twitter asking where they can get a fast, cheap and great looking site design. I propose that such a design tri-fecta doesn’t exist. Here’s why… Great Design + Fast Turnaround: You can get a great looking site designed within a fairly fast turn-around time, but you can also expect to pay a ... Read more +

The truth is, you can take almost any generic WordPress theme and design a good looking real estate blog with it. What you need to identify is, does this theme contain all of the features that I require in a functioning real estate website? Or do I have to download a series of plugins and customize it to make it work the way that I want it to? So ... Read more +

Testimonials  are great “social proof.” They’re great for giving people some perspective on your business. …are you good to work with? If so, why? …what experiences have others had in working with you?  Your goal, ultimately, is to make sure that site visitors feel educated about your services, and that they see you... Read more +

You have about 2-3 seconds to grab a site visitors attention when they come to your website. Within those initial 2-3 seconds, they’re going to decide whether they trust you… Is your site easy to navigate? Or is it just a bunch of clutter… Do you cover my market area? In other words, can I find what I’m looking for here? Is ... Read more +

Getting more traffic to your site is hard enough. Getting people to stay on your website, once they’ve arrived is a whole other challenge. So it’s important to design your site in such a way that it’s easy to navigate and find what someone is looking for. Things like: Search for homes. Contact you for questions on a property. ... Read more +

Bottom line is, first impressions matter. The moment someone lands on your website, they’re thinking… Am I in the right place? Is this site credible? Is the information here reliable? Who’s the author behind this website? Can I trust this Real Estate Agent? These are all of the various things site visitors are thinking when ... Read more +