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Real Estate News and Updates

Custom Link IDX: Now With Telephone Registration Option! Real estate is a great profession.  We’re all independent contractors  running our own businesses.  We produce most of our own marketing, management and customer relationship decisions, and we grow our business at the pace and to the level we desire. It’s a great business in ... Read more +

IDX Plugin Goes Pro Did you know that Diverse Solutions now offers a Pro version of their popular IDX Plugin? It’s difficult to know where to start when demonstrating the value of dsIDXPress Pro, as there is already so much value in the feature set offered by the basic dsIDXPress Plugin. This easily installed plugin isn’t just an access... Read more +

Our WordPress IDX plugin is easily one of our clients’ favorite products – simply because of how quickly it gets you indexed for idx listings on your domain. See, the way it works is: once the IDX plugin is downloaded and activated on your domain, it’s going to take every single listing as soon as it hits the MLS and create what ... Read more +