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WOW Visitors with Updated Navigation in Modern View Website visitors are going to love the newly updated navigation of your Property Results pages in Modern View! This sleek new design makes it easy to register, save searches, view favorites, and create alerts – all actions that help YOU generate leads and insights. New! Now visitors can click on... Read more +

We’re excited to announce our new single sign-on feature is now live for your Diverse Solutions website listings tools! Visitors to your website can now register and sign-in to view listings on your site using their Facebook or Google accounts. This feature, commonly referred to as OAuth for Open Authorization, provides an easy and secure ... Read more +

Hey Friends, between the hours of 12am and 2am PST we will be upgrading one of our core servers which will take our various applications offline. We will keep this blog post and our twitter updated with our progress.... Read more +

I’m proud to announce that Diverse Solutions has been working hard to develop a free offering for the Real Estate community. We all know that creating listings in the MLS systems can be time consuming, and often error prone this is a problem that dsListingExpress completely solves. So without further ado, please visit our launch site to learn... Read more +

So, lets talk about some about some more new options you may have noticed that we’ve added to allow you to customize your dsSearchAgent even further. New Options You can now set Acres as the default measure of Lot Size. This affects the “Lot Size” Criteria in the Search Tab. You can now turn off the pre-built Header in your ... Read more +

We’ve always felt Zillow is a great tool for your Visitors to use when searching for a home. That’s why we put the Zestimate in the Property Details / Tools Tab, and why we recently integrated the ability to search for Zillow “Make Me Move” or “For Sale By Owner listings”. The one thing that we can honestly say ... Read more +

Andrew got everyone started with some of the major features we added to the IDX, but we were just getting started with everything we’ve added. Here’s Part 2 of our IDX update series. Visitor Registration Experience One of our major updates is a significant overhaul of the Visitor Registration process. The first thing we improved here ... Read more +

This is a quick post informing everyone that we are doing various upgrades to some of our servers tonight starting at 12:30am PST 8/20/2008. There may be sporadic service during this time but the maintenance shouldn’t last more than 2 hours, but may last up to 4 in an extreme case.  This may affect all products including all admin areas, ... Read more +

Browser compatibility is a very tricky thing. The websites you visit all are built upon historically loosely adhered web standards. On top of that, the browsers you use every day, until recently, standards haven’t always been a priority. So, what the heck am I trying to say?! Basically, it’s a tough job sometimes, but because each ... Read more +

Yesterday was a big day for us. First, we finally released our new admin (yay!), and second, we saw an announcement that Google finally released API tie-ins to their Street View imagery (see my post on Geek Estate or the original announcement). Although we had been getting requests to integrate Street View into our IDX solution (demo) for quite ... Read more +