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WOW Visitors with Updated Navigation in Modern View Website visitors are going to love the newly updated navigation of your Property Results pages in Modern View! This sleek new design makes it easy to register, save searches, view favorites, and create alerts – all actions that help YOU generate leads and insights. New! Now visitors can click on... Read more +

We’re excited to announce our new single sign-on feature is now live for your Diverse Solutions website listings tools! Visitors to your website can now register and sign-in to view listings on your site using their Facebook or Google accounts. This feature, commonly referred to as OAuth for Open Authorization, provides an easy and secure ... Read more +

We’re excited to announce dsSearchAgent version 3.3, the latest release of our mapping IDX service!  dsSearchAgent v3.3 adds new search options to the Google Maps interface, new listing filters to our admin, and new calls to action help you capture more leads with your IDX. As part of our commitment to innovation, this IDX update is included for... Read more +

We’re excited to announce November’s lineup of FREE webinars, with a couple of additions, covering dsSearchAgent and dsAgentReach. You’ll learn: How to get your new mapping MLS IDX solution on your site, How to customize the look and feel of your new mapping solution, How to manage your visitors/registrations, How to create ... Read more +

Hello all, we’re releasing dsIDXpress v1.1 today. Primarily this is to get in a contact form and listing sharing out to you all. There are numerous other tweaks we hope you’ll enjoy, so without further ado, here is the changelog: Added Contact form to Details page and Buttons in header for calls to action Added sharing ability to ... Read more +

All I can say is wow.  Over the last week it has been kind of a whirlwind for us here. The phone calls and emails have been and still are coming in at a blistering pace. The great  dsIDXpress conversations happening on various blogs and forums around the web are amazing.  Our online community is a bubbling cauldron of activity with our support ... Read more +

After the fantastic response and great reviews we received from our previous announcement about the beta, we’re REALLY excited to announce today that our dsIDXpress WordPress IDX plugin is now available in nearly ALL of our dsSearchAgent coverage areas! Between the time when we made the announcement and today, we spent a great deal of time to ... Read more +

WORDPRESS PLUGIN Built to run on top of the best blogging platforms out there. One that, if you’re not already using, we know you’ll love. NO IFRAMES All of the content is placed on the blog from a web service. The content is carefully constructed to be fully compliant with all current and future MLS rules since the web service controls... Read more +

Scrollbars suck. I think we can all agree on that, but when you have a “framed” idx solution, you can easily assume you’re going to run into a scrollbar here or there. Well not anymore! Through a mesh of ingenuity, and a bit of alchemy, our wizards (legit mad ones) have cooked up some magic for our IDX embedding code that ... Read more +

Two days ago, we deployed a very significant change to the way our dsSearchAgent IDX product is served to our clients and our clients’ clients. Did you notice? No, there weren’t any new features this time around. This time, we focused our efforts on load time and performance. Overall, we were able to make a number of changes that decreased the ... Read more +