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Some of us are naturally tech savvy. For the rest, we can remember the not-too-distant past, where we were all trying to figure out how to setup our websites and blog efficiently.  For those of us in the later category, it seems like just around the time we began to master how to place content on the Web, understand SEO and even pay for some ... Read more +

Powering your real estate website with IDX is ideal for promoting your business, but adding the right social media strategy can really separate you from the pack. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are leading the way as the most popular social networks and you can create a free account with all of them. The trick to getting the ... Read more +

Want to grow your social media presence but you’re too busy helping clients buy and sell real estate? Timely is a neat service that helps you schedule your Tweets for maximum impact. The way it works is: Add a Timely bookmarklet to your web browser (just drag and drop). You add your Tweets to Timely. Timely analyzes your previous 199 ... Read more +

The following is a guest post last week’s Guest Presenter & Facebook Marketing Ninja, Mike Mueller. You can access the webinar replay here and don’t forget, we have another free webinar coming up June 10th at 10:00am with Stacey Harmon – Register Now! Just a quick recap of some of the most important items in the ... Read more +

Facebook has quickly become the Real Estate Agents new prospecting farm. With so many active users, and reach potential, it makes sense. But done wrong, it can be a total time-suck. So, what can you do about it? First, some statistics: Facebook has over 500 million active users Over 50% of those active users log onto Facebook any given day There... Read more +

Last year, Real Estate Agent Dale Chumbley amassed quite a bit of site traffic and garnered national recognition with his 365 Things To Do in Vancouver, WA series – wherein each day, he hi-lighted something new to do in the city of Vancouver, WA. All blog posts resided on his website: Clark County Real Estate Guide. Then, the permalink to ... Read more +

“Once upon a time, customer contact was centralized around the switchboard, and the phone was the preferred method for communication between companies and customers. When it rang, you answered, because it was likely a customer or a potential customer on the other end of the line. Now, the calls are coming through online, via the social phone.” ... Read more +

The idea for this post came from a comment that someone shared with me in Facebook. He shared with me that he actively denies friend requests from agents in his market that share the same desire to be found via common keywords and phrases in searches. The conversation led me to wonder how many other people are putting up barriers in their social ... Read more +