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On an almost weekly basis, I get asked, “How can I get more visitors to my website?” In response, my answer is always, “How often do you update your website?” The greatest thing about having your own, personal website is that you have complete control over everything that goes on it; having that control and being responsible... Read more +

Purchasing a Domain Name When you are looking to purchase a domain name there are a few items you need to take into consideration. The first thing and most obvious item you need to consider is what you would like your domain name to be, and the second item to consider is where you are going to purchase your domain name. The key quality in choosing ... Read more +

Hey everybody, we’ve upgraded everyone’s webmail to a new-and-improved web-2.0-ey client. We just wanted to give everyone a quick heads up, and an overview of the major changes that might affect your normal usage. First of all there is a distinct new look, as you can see in the screenshot to the right. The main improvement in the ... Read more +

My name is Kenny Winters, and I work here at Diverse Solutions as an Account Executive. When I had the opportunity to write some posts on here, this topic immediately came to mind. I work with a lot of clients every day, and it seems that many of their websites suffer from making the same mistake. One of the first mistakes people make with their ... Read more +