360° Photos for Real Estate With Pano

A Real Estate Professional’s Tool


Panoramic photos for real estate listing.

360 degree panoramic photos showcasing your properties are made easy with the Pano Photos App.  Whether you are an Apple or Android phone owner, this post is made for you.  Technology has come a long way in a short time, particularly in regards to smartphone cameras.  Right along with better cameras, apps for panoramic photography have been improving.

There are quite a few apps available for either Apple or Android, but we’ll take a look at one with good reviews that is available for both.  “Pano” is an app highly rated for both systems.  Go here for the iPhone App and here for the Android App.  Though there are minor differences between the app on the two operating systems, the major functions and features common to both include:

  • Create 360 degree panoramic photos with up to sixteen individual shots.
  • Create them without the need for desktop software.
  • Alignment, blending and color correction features create high quality melded photos.
  • Pano photos save directly to the device.
  • Full geo-tagging and EXIF support are included features.

The next time you take a new listing and you want to do a better job of presenting the home with images, one of these apps can make a big difference.  They’re particularly useful for imaging the neighborhood, street, cul-de-sacs, and views.

Get out those phones and start snapping away!