4 Ways To Use Other People’s Content in Your Marketing

If you want to get noticed by search engines & site visitors, you need to write lots of high quality content.

But you knew that already.

You also know that it’s one of the more time intensive tasks when it comes to managing a real estate blog.

What will I write about today? Tomorrow? The day after that?

Well, here are a few ideas for using other people’s content to add to your writing routine…

4 Ways To Use Other People’s Content in Your Marketing:

1. Invite other professionals whose content complements yours, to guest post on your site. 

So if you have a real estate blog, you might invite a professional home stager or mortgage professional to guest post on your blog. They can write about things like how to successfully stage your home for sale, financing options available to first-time home buyers, et cetera. 

Post examples:

2. Instead of (or in addition to) a testimonial from your home buyers, have them write a guest post on your blog about their experience. 

You just helped someone buy a home. It’s the biggest, most emotional purchasing decision they’ll ever make. But you helped them do it!

They did it with complete confidence and trust in you, and now they have the keys to their new home.

When a client is ready and willing to write a testimonial for you, why not in addition, have them write a guest post about their buying experience with you? Some questions to answer:

  • What was the buying process like? What scared them the most?
  • How did you help them feel confident about the process?
  • What went wrong and how did you fix it?
  • Would they recommend you to anyone else?

Here’s how one agent features her clients and their experience when closing escrow on a new home: N Redington Beach Realtors Reviewed.

3. Give your readers a voice. A way for them to share and submit their own content. 

I love what Ines Hegedus-Garcias has done with her Miamism Friday’s Series. Once a week, on Friday’s, she features a new photo by members of the Miami beach community to feature on her site.

It’s simple really. Just one photo that properly embodies what it’s like in Miami. And she consistently encourages her readers to submit their photos:

** Share your MIAMISMS and we will feature them!! send them to us via email ([email protected]), Facebook, Twitter (@ines), or post them on Flickr in the Miamism Group **

How can you do the same?

4. Invite your best clients to write about the local community. 

Do you have any customers who are foodies or just love to take photos of the local community? If so, why not invite them to guest post on your blog!

They get an platform to talk about their favorite places to visit and favorite things to do, and you get content that directly related to your local community – it’s a win/win.

What else?

What others ways can you use other people’s content to contribute to your marketing efforts? Have you invited other industry professionals whose service complement yours to guest post on your blog? How did it go?