5 Ways To Use dsIDXpress To Create Fresh New Content

MLS listings on your domain - dsIDXpressThere are essentially two ways to use dsIDXpress to create and upload MLS content to your real estate blog:

  1. Using Shortcodes
  2. Using our Link Structure
  3. Choose from a variety of widgets to display IDX data

Today, I thought we’d hi-light a couple of different ways you should be using dsIDXpress to display MLS content on your website.

5 Ways To Use dsIDXpress To Create Killer Blog Posts

1. Write a quick market update for a particular neighborhood.

For example: Gulf Gate Neighborhood Homes for Sale | Sarasota FL

Is there a new condo development in a specific neighborhood that you can talk about? Or what if, each week, you featured a new neighborhood. You can talk about things to do, places to eat, etc. Then, close with a list of all of the latest listings in that area between a certain price range by using the dsIDXpress shortcode to display the MLS content on your domain.

2. Do a write up about a school/district and use the dsIDXpress shortcode to display homes in that district.

Parents want the best for their children. If that means purchasing a home in an area that has one of the best school districts, they’ll do it. For some families, their criteria for buying a home is first, the number of bedrooms, then the schools/district, and then price. In other words, schools influence their purchasing decision.

So in this case, you might create a landing page to hi-light schools, or write a post to talk about schools in a specific area/district. Then, simply use the dsIDXpress shortcode to display listings in that particular district.

3. Create a “Communities” page with drop-downs/links to the various communities in your coverage area.

For example: http://loribee.com/communities.

Each community contains a few paragraphs of introductory text then, shortcode to display listing data in that community. 

This is a great way to create landing pages for each of the various communities that you service. The format is simple:

  • Title your page. Waxhaw Real Estate Guide (for example)
  • Include 2-3 paragraphs of introductory text. Include a photo of the area.
  • Use the dsIDXpress shortcode to display MLS listings for that area on your page. 

4. Create a “Real Estate Listings” page. 

The idea here is simple, create a page on your site where you can give visitors an up-to-date view of all of the listings in market. Here’s what a sample “Listing Feed” page might look like: http://www.mywpplayground.com/listing-feed

Include a simple line of text that tells readers what they can expect from this page on your site: “Search Irvine listings, updated every couple of hours. For questions on any listings, call: xxx-xxx-xxxx or email: [email protected].”

5. Write about a new listing. 

This is one of the easiest, most efficient ways of using dsIDXpress to generate new content quickly. Any time you get a new listing, or have an upcoming Open House, blog about it. You can choose to display some or all of the data for that particular listing. 

Your format should be:

  • Title your post.
  • Write a paragraph about the listing – what makes it unique, when is the Open House, etc.
  • Use the shortcode to add a single property listing. 

For example: Luxury Single Family Home – 741 Livingston Court Claremont, CA 91711

Over to you…

How else are you using dsIDXpress to display MLS listings on your posts and pages?