7 Principles To Make Your website More Engaging

How do you attract and engage visitors on your site long enough to get them to consider your offer? Today’s video aims at answering that very question. It’s a great video presentation from Dr. Susan Weinschenk with some useful tips to consider…

Can’t see the video? Click here.

Principle #1: If People Have Too Many Choices, They Won’t Choose At All

How many tabs do you have in your navigation? Can you trim that number down to make your site easier to navigate? Is it obvious to users what action you want them to take next?

Principle #2: Social Validation – When People Are Uncertain, They’ll to Others To Tell Them What To Do (think testimonials)

What are you doing to hi-light client testimonials? Remember, what other people say about you has more weight and value than what you say about yourself.

Principle #3: Scarcity – When Less Items Are Available, They Tend To Be Viewed As More Valuable

How can you create the impression of scarcity to get people to register and download your report? Or connect with you for property updates?

Principle #4: Think About Powerful Triggers for Action

Where are the Calls To Action on your website? Are you using powerful words to effectively draw users to take action on your offer?

Principle #5: The Power of Faces

Are you using images to connect with your readers? Instead of using stock photography, consider using your own images.

Principle #6: Stories – The Brain Processes Information Best in Story Form

In short, learn to tell better stories!

Principle #7: Ask People for Small Commitments (those commitments grow over time)

Subscription via email – to start building that email list. And commit to sending people useful, relevant content.

What else would you add? More importantly, how are you making your site more engaging to connect with your site visitors?