7 Stats You Should Be Measuring On Your Real Estate Blog

How can I get more Facebook Fans? 

How many ReTweets did I get today? 

I want more “Followers!” 

If these are the stats that you’re measuring, I’d argue that you’re measuring all of the wrong things.

A high number of Fans and Followers means nothing if they’re not converting into clients. So instead of measuring social media stats, let’s look at some website statistics and see if we can find some areas to improve your lead capture…

7 Stats You Should Be Measuring On Your Real Estate Blog:

1. Look at your site traffic and determine your conversion rate. For example, 1,000 site visitors = 5 news leads generated. If you know that number, then you know that your daily goal is to attract 1,000 site visitors to your Home Search page. Write out your goal and pin it in front of your desk so you have something to shoot for (a daily target).

2. What percentage of your site visitors view an IDX page? Can you increase this number by making your site easier to navigate? Make sure your site’s navigation is structured in such a way that it’s easy for a site visitor to find what they’re looking for (search for homes).

3. What percentage of visitors land on an indexed IDX page? Do these convert higher or lower than your content pages? The idea here is to determine what content pages on your site provide the highest traffic (your own content or IDX pages) and make sure those pages are optimized accordingly.

4. What percentage of IDX users register? How many searches do most users perform and how many properties do they view before they leave? Try playing with your forced registration options to match these values (or just a bit lower than these values) to ensure your visitors are seeing the registration screen at the optimal time. Can you limit your registration fields to ask for less information and increase the number of registrations? Adjust and test these options accordingly.

5. Which pages/posts or types of content provide the highest conversion or traffic? The sooner you identify these, the better. The goal is to know whether to focus on generating more content with IDX data or your own unique content for the best kind of traffic (i.e. converting traffic).

6. What time/weekday does your site have the highest traffic? Try to be available via phone. Also, make sure you time your site and/or email promotions. You want to make sure any new posts coincide with the optimum traffic times for your site.

7. Which terms are providing the highest traffic to your site? Which terms are providing the highest conversions? Sometimes, terms you may be targeting for high traffic numbers are visitors that don’t use your IDX or don’t otherwise convert. See which terms and phrases are not just giving your site traffic – but traffic that is converting – to see where to guide your content.

Over to you… 

A high number of Fans and Followers doesn’t mean much if they’re not converting into clients. So today’s task, is to work through the questions above and determine ways to optimize your site for better conversion.

What areas do you need to improve in?