A Good Thursday Laugh

We’ve got more posts coming on all the new features we released last Thursday, but in the meantime, I thought I’d share a small tidbit of fun from our massive database of properties all across the nation.

Just a minute ago, we were talking about our photo storage system and we decided to run a quick check to see which listing in our database has the most photos. 10 seconds later, we found this beaut:

It has 121 photos. Awesome. Most of the photos consist of the surrounding neighborhood.

We then wanted to see how many listings have over 100 photos. We found two – the one above, and this one:

It has 106 photos. Better yet, the condo’s size stands at 1036 sq ft, meaning that it has more than 1 photo for every 10 sq ft. If you click through the pictures fast enough, it almost makes you feel like you’re walking through it!

Regardless of whether or not that many photos makes you dizzy, 121 photos is way, way better than 0 photos.