Are you listed on the kindle?

Today I wanted to show you how to put your blog on the kindle. Why?

Exposure of course.

To get started, simply go to and sign up for a free account. Provide them with your blog’s URL, add a screenshot of your homepage and click “Go.”

The Kindle Team will take it from there. They’ll review your blog and let you know once it’s available on the Kindle. Pretty simple huh?

Kindle will automatically assign a standard subscription fee for your blog, which you can’t change. It’s something like $1.99. You do however receive a small percentage of the proceeds but don’t expect it to be a big money-maker.

So why bother? Like I said, exposure. It’s a nice way to get “social proof.” Your blog will automatically have a higher perceived value simply because it’s published on the kindle and available for subscription. And who knows what new readers may come across your blog while browsing amazon?

Here’s one Real Estate Agent who got her blog listed on the kindle.

From there, it’s up to you to keep feeding your blog with fresh new content so Kindle readers have something to stay subscribed to… :-)

So, will you be adding your blog to the Kindle?

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Publishing my blog on the Amazon Kindle. Thanks to @DiverseSolution for the tip: