Blogging On-The-Go With WordPress Apps

Real estate agent blogging on-the-go with WordPress App

Post on-the-go with WordPress app

The life of a real estate agent is far from easy. In fact, when you are doing any level of business at all, it can be quite hectic. Between showing homes, taking photos, gathering documents, listing properties, and coordinating transactions, we belong to a busy group.  What’s more is that all of these activities comprise your everyday duties as an agent. There is more to be done if you are tacking on additional  tasks such as promotion by way of marketing. Much of our work is done on-the-go and as a result, sitting at a desktop computer, attempting to  post to our WordPress site often has to get in line behind other activities. What’s a real estate agent or broker to do?


We could always carry around a notebook computer, fire it up and post but then we’re subject to the limitations that brings such as dwindling battery power and the reality that despite their name, notebooks really aren’t all that portable anyway.


Making a WordPress App the Solution

Since just about every real estate professional on the planet is carrying either a smart phone or a tablet computer, it certainly would make life easier if we could post from those devices.  That’s where the WordPress apps come in. These apps are a perfect, on-the-go solution for creating fresh and diverse content for your site. Here are links to the apps and a short WordPress video for each.

WordPress App for iPhone & iPad         WordPress for iOS Video

WordPress App for Android       WordPress for Android Video

What you won’t see in those videos are some really powerful ways that real estate agents can use these apps.  Did you know that the app, if you allow it, will geotag every post? Think about the next time you’re taking a photo of a listing or something interesting you’re going to post about.  It’s geotagged and you can use one of several great mapping plugins to use that information to place a map in the post.

Because you can post in Draft, you can begin your posts with the smaller keyboards on your portable device, place an image, etc., but finish the post when you’re back in front of the larger screen and keyboard of your desktop.  Instead of posting less because you’re away from the office and on the move, you could be posting more and with some great content.

Consider These Options:

  • The next time you meet an inspector,  take a photo and do a post about home inspection. Consider highlighting a certain inspection item commonly a problem in your area.
  • Checking on a survey?  Do a post about surveys with an image of how corners are marked, and it can be mapped.
  • Do it with video!  You can select a video or record a new one right from the post and it will insert easily.
  • If you take notes in the field on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, why not make some of them the draft of a post?  You’ll find that suddenly, you’re placing a lot more fresh content on your site that visitors will appreciate.

Check out the official Word Press app for your device and get creative.