Bad MLS Photos of the Month

Around here, working with MLS data all day, you tend to run into a lot of bad MLS photos. In the past we’ve linked you guys to Athol’s Bad MLS Photo of the Day, but we decided to start featuring some of the gems we come across as well.

No Internet

Today we have for you, someone who may need help figuring out how to use their computer err camera. And yes, read carefully, someone took a picture of the photo on their monitor to put into the MLS. At least we know who to contact if we want to see what the house looks like.


More quality craftsmanship that needs to be showcased. And yes, this was the only photo on this listing.


Is that a gong or a giant paella pan? I’m still not sure what is going on in the background with the cat(?) but lets focus on the pan…I mean gong…I mean pan.


Is that the house we are supposed to be interested in on the left side of this fine piece of framed art?


Did this house have some structural support problems? Or has the REALTOR® fallen, and can’t get up.