Blogging in 15 Minutes a Day


We all wish we had more of it.

No matter how early we start, or how fast we work, it always seems we need more hours in the day.

More Posts = More Traffic

On some level, you know this is true. You know that’s what you should be doing. Posting 1, 2, even 3 times per week. But you’ve fallen behind.


Lack of time.

Blogging Cheat Sheet:

Today, I’m going to show you how you can easily whip up a brand spanking new blog post in as little as 15 minutes.

You’re going to need two things:

  1. A timer
  2. Your email inbox

The Process:

  1. Skim your email inbox for questions people have sent you regarding any technical term or part of the real estate buying or selling process. Hint: Create a folder labled “Blog Topics” and drop these emails in there so you can revert to them easily for post ideas. (2-3 minutes)
  2. Write your post title (1 – 2 minutes)
  3. Write a list post answering the client question (5 – 7 minutes)
    1. <Start with the intro… Something like "Jenny's interested in putting her home on the market but she's not sure where to price it…"
    2. Write your list post… What are some reasons you might price this home at “x” amount.
    3. Here’s what your sample post might look like: 6 Pricing Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
  4. Find a picture for your post. Here’s a few sources I recommend: Flickr (Creative Commons photos you can use commercially), Shutterstock, and iStockphoto. Of course, it’s better if you can shoot your own photos to use… (3 minutes)
  5. Edit your post. Look for spelling errors. Make sure that you answered the question with enough supporting statements. (4 minutes)
  6. Review and/or re-write your post title. Is it short? Is it catchy? Does it capture the point of your post? If you’ve answered yes, then you’re set to go! (1 minute)

Once you’ve gone through those steps, you’re set to hit publish!

Here are some post titles for you to use…

  • How To Effectively Price Your Home for Sale
  • 10 Money Saving Tips for ________________ (First-Time Homebuyers?)
  • The Secret to Getting _____________________ (Your Purchase Offer Accepted?)
  • 10 __________________ (Financing?) Scams and How To Avoid Them

What other questions are clients and prospects asking that you can provide answers to?

Hint: Check your email, you’ve answered several of them already!

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