Client Spotlight:

For this month’s client spotlight we’ve picked Bill McCue, one of the very first adopters of our dsIDXpress WordPress plugin.  As a long time user of both our IDX products, Bill’s website has been successful generating leads using a combination of dsIDXpress widgets, shortcode, and search result pages along with dsSearchAgent’s map search and lead capture ability.

Bill McCueUsing the settings found in the “dsIDXpress Options” area of his WordPress admin, Bill setup a special template for every IDX details page and results page.  This let him add a big button linking visitors to his dsSearchAgent map search, a dsIDXpress IDX Search widget, and his own custom widgets to each property and search results page.  Not only do these added widgets on his property and result pages help convert users as they search, but they also provide great options for visitors who stumble on one of his property pages when using a search engine.

He has also used dsIDXpress features on individual city pages he has created to add content, boost traffic, and make searching easier for his visitors.  Each city page has content Bill wrote about the city followed by a list of the latest listings and links to more homes in specific price ranges.

Listings were added to each page using our Shortcode feature, and he created links to the different price ranges using our link structure guide.

Using a bit of unique shortcode, custom search URLs, and our search widget wesellsarasota.comon nearly every page of, Bill has created a site with that allows visitors to get to precise search results within a click or two of his homepage while providing loads of content for search engines to crawl.

If you find see some tricks and ideas on Bill’s site that you’d like to try out on your own, we’re here to help!  Our dsIDXpress wiki page goes over how to add listings to your pages using shortcode, how to create links to pre-filtered search results, and more.  In addition, our active community page is great resource for ideas and help using dsIDXpress; or just give us a call!