Create a Featured Listings Page with dsIDXpress

With dsIDXpress you can load property search results and individual property details based on a  relatively simple URL structure. The URL structure always starts with:


…so if your domain name is, the dsIDXpress “virtual” pages would always start with:

You can display search results from the MLS based on a number of different link structures.

(For more on Link Structures, read: How To Use the Link Structure for Loading MLS Content)

Create a Featured Listings Page:

Your site navigation should consist of a couple of primary pages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Home Search
  • Featured Listings
  • Contact

In the case of your “Featured Listings”, dsIDXpress makes it pretty easy to display the listings associated with your Agent ID and/or Office ID. Your link structure would be something like:

**Note: To properly use this, you need to contact Customer Support to have us add your Agent ID & Office ID to your Account. Once that’s done, just punch in your correct Agent/Office ID on each parameter and you should be all set.

You can set up a “Featured Listings” page and start driving traffic to it in no time!

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