Customize Your Home Search Landing Page for Better Lead Conversion

This is what our standard mapping MLS IDX Solution looks like:

You have the mapping solution with two business cards containing all of your contact information and our dsSearchAgent logo embedded as the header. Some people don’t know that you can have the header removed (just contact Customer Support with your Account Name/ID and your website URL and we’ll take care of it). Many folks will remove the header because their contact information is displayed already in their site’s header design so displaying it again on the mapping solution is a bit too repetitive. What I want to show you below are two great examples of how folks are removing their dsSearchAgent headers and creating more effective Calls To Action with their Home Search Landing Pages.

Quick Tips for Building An Effective Landing Page:

Before we review some of the examples below, it’s important that we address the relationship between “Call To Action” buttons and an effective landing page. See, some visitors won’t automatically be familiar with how to navigate your new mapping solution (how to save searches, register, etc.). So the easier you make it for them to navigate by offering some instruction (via images or text), the greater the chances they’ll register for to your IDX and contact you to follow up. They are after all on your site looking for real estate!

Here are some quick tips to consider when creating your landing page…

  • Keep It Simple: the shorter the explanation the better. Inundating your prospects with questions and links is the quickest way to drive them away from  your site. Make it easy for them to want to stay and access what they came to look for in the first place.
  • Graphics Matter: insert some images showing users what you want them to do (register, contact you, etc.).
  • Restate Value: Once people are there, emphasis the value in what you’re offering them. In this case, FREE access to ALL listings in your area!
  • Reduce Required Fields: statistics show (I can’t remember the link, but it’s true), that the more information you ask to receive from people, the less likely they are to fill it out. If you reduce the number of required fields on your registration form, you make it more convenient for your prospects to get what they want and thus you increase their willingness to connect with you. Some of the more essential fields include: Name, Email, and Number.

First Up:

Here’s what I love about Lynda’s landing page. Using four simple sentences of text, she’s restated her value and provided clear-cut instructions on how to navigate your IDX.


Josh has added graphics and re-emphasized his “Call To Actions” on his landing page. He added an image (his “Call To Action”) instructing people that they can click to schedule a showing. It’s simple, it’s clean, it’s effective. And he’s also very simply displayed his contact information on the upper right-hand side (how many real estate sites can you think of where an agent makes it near impossible to reach them?).

Do you see how these simple changes to your IDX landing page make it easier for people to navigate and register? Again, it’s about restating your value, offering a clear explanation/instruction on how to use it, and making it easy to connect. Try implementing a few of these on your site’s home search page and link back to it in the comments!