Deciding On Your Calls To Action

When you write a blog post and you forget to close with a Call To Action you leave readers and site visitors in a passive mode. You increase the likelihood that someone will quickly read through your content and move on. They won’t take action because  you didn’t ask them to. Think about it… If you don’t call to your readers to take action on something, they’re less likely to TAKE action. Don’t you think?

What is a Call To Action? Essentially it’s anything that asks the consumer (your site visitor) to move from being a passive reader to being an active participant. You can do this through:

  • Signup Forms
  • Download Links
  • RSS Subscription
  • E-mail Subscription
  • Phone Number (to call now)

…so on and so forth. Yes, you can include links to connect with you on your various social networks, but let me ask you this… Do you really want to drive traffic AWAY from your website after working so hard to get them to your website to begin with? (Just a thought).

Tips for Better Calls To Action

What are your main Calls To Action? Write a list of the things you want to achieve through your website. What (specifically) do you want site visitors to do?

Make it obvious. Through badges, wording, etc… Through good design and copy, make it obvious what you want your site visitors to do. Do you want them to subscribe? Do you want them to register to your IDX? Do you want them to contact you? If you want them to contact you, you should probably put your contact phone number and email on the upper right-hand side of your website (don’t make people jump through hoops and pages to find it).

Make sure EVERY page and post has a Call To Action. You need to end every post with a Call To Action and make sure that every page has one as well.

Anything else?

What are the Call To Actions on your website? Are they obvious? What tips do you have for others to encourage site visitors to subscribe and/or register to your IDX, etc.?

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