Diverse Solutions attends ARMLS Tech Fair Aug. 21-22

ARMLS Tech Fair
Last week Robert Luna and I had the pleasure of representing Diverse Solutions the ARMLS Tech Fair along with a few notable bloggers from the greater Phoenix area. It was great attending an event hosted by the MLS to promote some of the best technology for Realtors and a nice change of pace from our usual office routine. I think everyone there had an enjoyable yet informative experience and left with a new found understanding of how technology is rapidly changing the face of real estate marketing. Jay Thompson, Candace Robinson, and Jonathan Dalton joined us at the Tech fair and hosted a “Meet the Bloggers” session on both days of the event. They were there to field questions from the members of ARMLS and show them how they can use blogging, social media, and technology to capture their clients attention.

For those that didn’t have a chance to make it out to the tech fair VisitMyLuxuryHome.com put together a series of video interviews with each of the ARMLS approved vendors in attendance. Of course I was chosen to speak on the behalf of DS. How did I do?

Candace Robinson who hosts the AZ Real Estate Blogging Network also did a follow up post about her experience at the ARMLS Tech Fair. She was also gracious enough to capture a few shots through the day and add the to her Flikr account. You can view those photos HERE!