Do You Like Diverse Solutions?

Did you know that we have a Diverse Solutions Facebook Page? We’ve got some interesting things planned for it so if you’re a fan of us and the content we product here on the blog, we’d appreciate it if you gave us a “like.”

What’s in it for you? Well, here’s some of what we had in mind:

  • We’re thinking of doing a few site critiques for our Client Spotlight Series, so we’ll probably pick folks who interact with us on our page. If you want to submit your site, just post a screenshot of your site on our wall so we can have a look at it (don’t forget to share the URL),
  • We’d love your feedback for future articles (more How To’s and marketing posts). What else do you want to read/learn?
  • We’re thinking of holding a few Q&A questions where you can ask us anything you’d like to know about content, WordPress, IDX or marketing in general.

Sound good? Just click here and then click the “Like” button at the top of the page.