Diverse Solutions’ Website Packages

My name is Sean Dolan and I’m a part of the sales team here at Diverse Solutions. I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about two of our most popular packages as well as the products that are included. Most potential client that I come into contact with have one common concern/question, “how much is this going to cost and what is included” or “are you guys running any specials that aren’t on your website”? I can absolutely appreciate this considering I find myself asking the very same questions when shopping for a new product. Generally, the response after explaining our packages and products is “that’s not bad” or “I thought it would cost much more”. The two packages that I wanted to talk about tend to be the most popular for the following:

Agent package:

This package tends to fit well with individuals who are either establishing web presence for the first time, upgrading from what has previously been provided by the company they work for, or sites that have been outgrown for whatever reason. The agent package includes a professionally designed website and hosting with a designated Account Executive (that will not only design your new site but will assist you in maintaining it). The sites are generally up and live within five to seven business days hosted on a domain name that has been registered for you for 5 years (great way to show search engines that you plan on sticking around for awhile). Once the site is live you can not only begin to send potential client, and or past clients to your new and in most cases highly improved site, but you can also start taking advantage of features that are included such as the ds AgentChat. This feature allows you to communicate in real time with clients that visit your new site via an instant message or a text message from your cell phone. As we all know prospective clients expect to have any questions and or concerns addressed in a timely manner, what better way to show them you understand this and what better way to keep them from leaving the site and finding answers else where. The agent package also includes ds AgentReach an email marketing and lead management solution, now you can have all your leads in one place and manage them accordingly right through the admin of your website. You will also have the flexibility of adding as many pages as you would like, and including any MLS/IDX solution so your visitors can search the MLS. Keeping the site updated is extremely important, and AgentCast  pro allows you to change the look and feel as often as you choose, so you can always maintain a fresh look with the most current information, the admin area allows for much more, for a list of all AgentCast Pro features please visit or real estate website section of our website. This solution will cost you $999.95

Agent and ds SearchAgent IDX package:

This package includes everything the Agent Package includes as well as our new state of the art mapping IDX solution.

Adding a product such as our ds SearchAgent allows your visitors to search the MLS in a unique and interactive way. Adding a product like this to your Agent package makes the site that much more powerful, giving potential clients that much more of a reason to stay on the site and use your services. Agents and or Brokers that opt for this package are generally looking for a high end site with a friendly, easy to use search feature that offers the most powerful and interactive tools on the market today. More on our ds SearchAgent IDX can be found in the MLS IDX section of our website the price for this package is $1999.95

A large number of individuals looking to buy or sell property are starting on the internet, now more than ever. Maintaining a strong web presence is a must for those looking to remain successful in this ever growing market. Diverse Solutions offers realtors just that, a wide array of products to help remain successful and reach thousands of internet visitors every day. You can always find more on our services and products at Diverse Solution .com and make sure to keep an eye out for other features that will be coming soon!