dsControlPanel Soft Release

Not Beta We are wrapping up our beta of dsControlPanel today and going ahead with a soft release of dsControlPanel. To recap, our dsControlPanel is a combination of our dsAgentChat, dsSearchAgent, and dsAgentReach individual administration areas. Not only can you find all your tools in one place now, but we’ve also added a bunch of new features, and even mashed some of our features up. You can read my run-down here.

So, to get to the new admin, simply navigate your browser to http://controlpanel.diversesolutions.com and you will login with the same username and password you already use in our other admins. Additionally we’ve also put a big yellow notice on the dashboard of each of the affected admins, announcing the change and providing a link to auto-login.

Soft, unlike bulls.Now, being this is a soft-release we’re allowing you to continue to use the old administration areas just in case, but only for a week. So on April 10th if you attempt to go to your old admin area, you will be forwarded to the new dsControlPanel. And the “Old Admin” link will be removed from the dsControlPanel navigation.

I’m sure many of you are going to say “how the heck do I use this thing?!”, so instead of calling, emailing, or quitting, we’ve provided you with demo videos. From anywhere in the admin you can click on the Help-Main icon to get a popup of all our help videos. Additionally, each section that has a video will also have a Video-Tutorial icon directly to the left of the Help-Main icon. We’re hoping these videos answer most of your questions. Let us know if you can’t find help for something.

We’re really proud of dsControlPanel and we hope you enjoy the new functionality and usability. Thanks everyone, and please, tell us what you think.