dsIDXpress v1.1 [Release]

Hello all, we’re releasing dsIDXpress v1.1 today. Primarily this is to get in a contact form and listing sharing out to you all. There are numerous other tweaks we hope you’ll enjoy, so without further ado, here is the changelog:

  • Added Contact form to Details page and Buttons in header for calls to action
  • Added sharing ability to Twitter, Facebook, Dwellicious, Google Buzz, Email
  • Added print / PDF to Details listing
  • Added ability to have Community, Tract, Zip and MLS Number to Search Widget
  • Added ability to have map auto-open on results pages
  • Added tracking to results map being opened or close between pages
  • Added icon for results map link
  • Improved slideshow look & feel on details
  • Added better full-size photos (just click on the photo in the slideshow to see full size photo)
  • If account has dsSearchAgent Pro: Added ability to have an “advanced” link in Search Widget which leads to a new page with the dsSearchAgent frame auto generated
  • Added ability to set the Template for dsSearchAgent page
  • Added Bing Birds-Eye View to Details pages
  • Added ability to set first/last name and email in wp-admin (necessary for pdf and contact form, shares values with dsSearchAgent)
  • Numerous CSS/UI improvements

If you have any issues with this new version, please contact our support team immediately and we’ll do our best to work it out.