dsSearchAgent v3 Updates: Default Listing Status, Custom Color Schemes ++

Between programming and adding new MLS’s, our little worker elves have managed to release and deploy a few new updates on dsSearchAgent Version 3.0 and I thought I’d share a few of them here on video. Included in this update are things like:

  • Added the ability to choose your default listing statuses,
  • Added functionality to hide options from Control Panel and front-end when the MLS data doesn’t have the capabilities (i.e. Sold/Pending, Foreclosures, Garages),
  • Added 3 new colors under an “Extended Colors” option: Main Alternate, Detail and Button,
  • Added the ability to force the chosen background color when framed, and…
  • Added some flare to the Virtual Tour links

If you have any questions, as always, the comments are yours… ;-)

For more on dsSearchAgent Version 3.0 read: Welcome to dsSearchAgent Version 3.0.

Video Tour: (Default Listing Status & Extended Colors)

[youtube width=600 height=368]GvQCPGSLtU4[/youtube]