Dwellicious – A Podcast With The Founders

One of the more stalwart uses of social media from the very beginning has been defined as “social bookmarking“. Essentially it’s a way to save and share in a way that goes way beyond the traditional bookmarking methods of a web browser. Recently a couple of veterans of the world of real estate technology have developed a real estate specific version of a social bookmarking application that has evolved into an extremely useful tool for consumers and real estate professionals. The product is called “Dwellicious“, a play on the most recognized brand of social bookmarking known as “Del.icio.us“. 

To be honest with you, I wasn’t too intrigued with the concept at first blush, but after seeing a complete demo of the product and hearing how it is being used, I did complete turn around. There are great implications for the use of the product, as an analytics tool and much more. It’s going to take some some consumer traction to make the product a success, but I think there is an opportunity via the “Pro” version of the product and the viral nature that could ensue via MLS’ including it as an option and more. 

I had a great conversation with Dan & Greg about Dwellicious. Enjoy!

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