Easy IDX Search Customization

Are You Helping Your Site Visitors to Search?

Check out your competitors’ websites and their IDX search pages.  Or, check out just about any other real estate agent website and see the listing search options offered to the site visitor.  Generally, they’ll all have a single page with a master MLS IDX search that allows all of the expected property feature and location search options, including:

  • Location by neighborhood, city, zip code, etc.
  • Basic home characteristics, including bedrooms, baths, lot size, etc.
  • Other features like swimming pools, corner lot, cul-de-sac, etc.

You know all of them, so let’s talk about how you can offer something different with dsSearchAgent, differentiate your site from the competition, and help your site visitors to zero in on the homes that best fit their requirements.  By creating custom search links to display search results for more customized criteria, you can guide your visitor with one click to the results they want.


The Seasonal Factor

It is so simple to set up custom results that you’ll find many ways you can pre-select listings for special visitor requirements.


The image shows multiple special links for searches with different criteria.  One might be a search that only yields homes with garages in an area with heavy snow during the winter.  You could do this year-round, but it’s a great feature search in the fall, allowing you to feature it on your home page or search page.


In the Links section, you create a link to custom search results, and for this example you just enter a requirement for one or more garage spaces.


Price Shopper Search

How about creating a search that only displays certain price-reduced listings?


This will be a favorite search for the ready-to-act shopper trying to get into a neighborhood at a price point.


The Walk Score Search

imageIs your market area one with people interested in Walk Scores?  Perhaps there are neighborhoods with very high walk scores.  If so, there will be buyers who want to be located in these areas, because they can’t drive or don’t want to own a car.  Or perhaps they’re retiring and want to walk to the things they like to do.  It’s simple to create this search listing result link by just entering a minimum walk score.


The Investor Search


If you want to spend ten minutes and make an investor buyer your friend for life, give them this custom search link.  Even better, combine it with the price reduction search above.

You can feature this link in an investor article or create a custom search page for investors, or even email it to the ones you really want to work with.


Don’t do what every other agent does with your IDX search.  Wow your visitors with custom search results that meet their needs and they’ll keep coming back.