Email Subject Line Templates That Work Like Crazy

Without a doubt, email marketing is a top method for following up with your prospects and nurturing them towards a sale. The challenge arises when you’ve put together a really cool email that will educate and inspire your prospect to action… but you can’t come up with a subject line that’s compelling enough to get your email opened.

The key to getting your emails opened is a subject line that is persuasive and compelling. Rest easy, you don’t have to be a pro-copywriter to craft seductive subject lines. Just follow a template…

Templates are powerful tools in writing good copy quickly (fortune favors the swift!) Here’s several templates you can start using today to pull more profits from your email campaigns by increasing the pulling power of your subject lines.

Now, this first template gets folks to open the email for one reason and one reason only: it promises to reveal something that delivers a result they want to achieve.

“For [blank], this works like crazy”
For getting out of debt, this works like crazy
For mass curb appeal, this works like crazy
For qualifying quickly, this works like crazy

Here’s a really good one that works on a couple of different levels. First, it offers a “top 10” which people love. It also plays to the fact that people want to avoid problems. This subject line promises critical tips before it’s too late.

“Do you recognize the [number] early warning signs of [blank]?”
Do you recognize the 7 early warning signs of a seller’s market?
Recognize these 7 warning signs of a home owner money pit?
Do you recognize the 5 early warning signs of agent apathy?

This one is a powerful attention grabber since no one likes to make mistakes. If you know your market well this will definitely be a winning subject line.

“Do you make these mistakes?”
Do you make these mistakes when viewing homes?
Do you make these home pricing mistakes?
Do you make these mistakes with your real estate agent?

The next subject line template works because of two very powerful words – “easy” and “tip.” We all want things to be easier, and we also want to gain a bit more insight.

“This [blank] tip is almost too easy”
This home selling tip is almost too easy
This open house tip is almost too easy
Here’s a quick tip to picking the perfect agent (a slight variation)

Want to craft subject lines that get your emails read? (Can you spot the template in that question?) Start by using these templates but also be on the lookout for other templates. Watch for ads in newspapers, magazines, sales letters, and your own email inbox. Once you spot one, copy it into a text file so you can refer to it next time you want results from your email campaign.

What are some other subject line templates we can add to this list?

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