Engage Your Mapping IDX User

Encouraging dsSearchAgent User Activity

It’s a nice addition to your day when you receive a text message and email letting you know that you have a new dsSearchAgent lead.  They’ve registered on the site, perhaps because they want more features in their searches, or because they want email listing notifications or the ability to save their favorite properties.

You really don’t know at this point what prompted them to register or how well they understand the power of your dsIDX search function.  Some people may register but may not follow up with many searches, or they may not be getting the most out of their searches. We can encourage them to be more active in the system, and we have their email address to do just that.


You could send them an email with a screen shot of the Days Listed data field.  Using the title or lead “Locate Prospects for Low Offers,” or something similar.  Tell them that properties on the market longer than average could be overpriced or just have some other characteristic that turns off buyers.  Give them the average number of days on market and encourage them to search for homes listed longer.  They could be bargain-basement opportunities.


Follow up with an email encouraging them to shop for motivated sellers who’ve reduced their home’s list price recently.  The shot above is a 10% drop in the past 15 days.  However, doing a search for 5% price drops over the past 90 days turned up a few properties with more than one price drop:


They can put these homes on their Favorites list and watch for even more price reductions, or they can make an offer based on the belief that this homeowner is getting desperate to sell this home.

All you have to do is to take them through the many options they have to customize their searches to find exactly what they want or to create a deal where they may not have seen one before.  You can get some hints about how to help them by checking out their search history and favorite properties.