Evernote for Content – Content for IDX

Remember Everything with Evernote

Evernote is one really useful tool for the busy real estate professional.  In short, Evernote is a memory tool for the Internet, your email, and your business.  Using the many ways in which this service allows you to save information, web pages and emails for future reference, the real estate professional can organize their life and business easier than ever before.

Now that's fancy!

There are far too many features to elaborate here, but let’s look at some of them as an overview:

  • Send Web pages or highlighted portions of Web pages to a notebook in Evernote with a simple click or two.
  • Use tag words and phrases to make retrieval of information even easier.
  • Share photos directly to your Evernote account from your smart phone.
  • Using add-ons, you can send emails directly to Evernote folders for transactions or clients.
  • Use and sync Evernote on all of your devices, whether PC, Mac, notebook, tablet, Android or iOS.
  • Retrieve information when you need it with a powerful search function.
  • Save searches you want to do over and over for one-click information retrieval.

There are so many useful functions and features, but let’s concentrate on one example of using Evernote to pull information from other sources, use it in a blog post or article, and then link an IDX search to the article.

Your real estate market area has a popular niche property type; downtown lofts.  These properties are high value conversions to condominiums of previous commercial and industrial spaces in the heart of the downtown area.  They’ve become very popular, as people who work downtown can live close-by and enjoy all of the entertainment and culture in the downtown area.

As you move around the Web, you collect snips of Web pages about downtown living and lofts in particular.  Some are about your market area, but many are general information, but very interesting to the buyer who is considering buying a loft.  You collect them into a folder named “Lofts.”

Once you have enough material for an article in the folder you pull it all together and write it, with images and links out to the original material.  It makes for a very interesting loft living article and has the right keywords and phrases.  All you have to do now is to link in an IDX search pre-filtered for current loft listings.  Or you can place a search module, maybe a map module, to display the listings in a map.

You’re serving your site visitors with information they want and need, and it will come back to you through leads and transactions.