Five Simple Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Properties

Hi, my name is Mike. I have been an art director for almost 8 years and now, I’m your personal web designer. That’s right! I design the looks of many of the websites around here, and now I’m here to help you continue the process! So, straighten up, pay attention, and do what I do.

Take the picture already!

No one wants to see a property with no pictures. NO ONE! So go grab a disposable camera, or, even better, buy a digital camera and start snapping away. Just remember, the more pictures you take, the more people are going to see them.

Turn on the lights!

Light = Good Great photography starts with great lighting. I don’t care if it is high noon in the sun room, if there is a light in there… TURN IT ON. I’m serious, bring your own lighting if you have to. Well… you don’t need to go that far. But don’t be afraid to grab a couple of floor lamps from one of the other rooms. Be creative or you’ll get left in the dark.

Zoom out… more… more…

RoomShot Don’t make your visitors crazy by having fifteen shots of the same room. Just take one good one. You want to get as much of the room in as possible. BACK UP, until you can’t back up anymore. Now, make sure you are zoomed out all the way. Take the shot!

Get in touch with you inner decorator

I know it’s not your house, but don’t be afraid to move things around; just move it all back when you are done. Is there a giant houseplant gobbling up your shot of the dining room? Well, set it aside. Are there throw pillows all over the living room floor? Why don’t you arrange them nicely on the sofa? Is there a big ugly car parked in front of the house? Have the owner move it out of the way long enough to get the shot. The camera may be point and shoot, but you don’t have to be.

You be the judge

Use your own good judgment. I see so many horrible listing photos on the Internet that are, frankly, counter productive. You know what people do and don’t want to see. They want to see a beautiful shot of the front of the house. They don’t want to see the same photo, again, with a fancy frame around it. They do want to see the living room. They don’t want to see a close up of the family cat, in the living room. They do want to see a clear picture. They don’t want to see a Rorschach test. You be the judge.

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What not to do

For the best place to find “what not to do”, take a look at’s Bad MLS Photo of the Day there are many instant classics, and some great insight into REALLY what NOT to do