Hello My Name Is…

Hitting The Ground Running
I’d like to start my inaugural post by saying how excited and honored I am to be joing the Diverse Solutions team as Social Media Manager. When I decided to contact a company with my concept of how I could help them either in a Social Media or Marketing role, the first company that came to mind was DS. I’ve know Robert Luna for some time now, in fact he likes to refer to us as “brothers from a different mother”. It’s a true statement and I’m excited to be teaming up him, Justin and a dynamic team of folks who I truly believe are the best at what they do.

What Is a Social Media Manager?
The role of SM managers, or community managers isn’t something is quite yet cast in stone, primarily because the efforts either overlap or dovetail with so many different areas within a company. I think many that are doing great jobs of it, like Trulia, Active Rain and Zillow, would probably still characterize the roles as fluid. My counterparts in many companies have graciously offered to share their experience with me and I look forward to hearing how they have navigated themselves in what is rapidly becoming an integral part of companies of any stripe. DS has a tremendous reputation for top-shelf customer service and is recognized as premier offering in it’s category. My role is to be an evangelist, a problem solver and overall ambassador. I’ll also be pitching in from time to time to help with marketing, advertising and branding strategies for the company.

What You Can Expect

The expected and whole lot more. Sure I’ll be out there on Twitter and Facebook and all the traditional channels, but it won’t be in overtly promotional fashion. As I’ve said so many times before, the professional of the future will be putting themselves into the fray of  conversations as an advocate, mentor, coach and many other hats and I think it’s important to “walk the talk”. If I have an idea that fits the niche of a follower and might help them, I’ll be proactive at pushing those ideas forward in the spirit of social interaction. Opinions? Sure, I’ve got em, and most of the time I’m right :) – not always though, so call me on it. That’s what this is all about. I enjoy a spirited debate as much as the next gal or guy. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is building the official Diverse Solutions audio/video podcast. Our first episode will be launching some time next week. If you have an idea for future episodes, please leave a comment and let me know!
I’m currenty in NYC attending REBarcamp and Inman Connect. Yesterday’s barcamp was well attended and offered an interesting glimpse into the future of the industry. Brokers and agents are now armed with a much better understanding of listing distribution and web lead generation than ever before. I had the opportunity to talk to several current DS clients about their experience with our products. One thing that stood out as a testament to the flexibility of the DS tool set was the different ways that each of the folks I spoke with are implementing them in their individual business models. I’ll be reporting back more as the event continues over the coming 2 – 3 days.

Where To Find Me
I’ve established a presence in the primary social media destinations and will be adding more upon my return. You can always email me directly at mprice @ diveresesolutions I promise a quick and enthusiastic response.

I am genuinely excited about the new role that DS has entrusted me with and remain committed to continuing the long tradition of keeping the promises that keep you successful.

Mike Price
Social Media Manager – Diverse Solutions