How (and Why) To Impersonate an IDX Visitor

Impersonating an IDX Visitor will allow you to use the dsSearchAgent IDX as if you were the Contact giving you the ability to make searches, save searches and favorite listings for that particular Contact. The reason this is useful is that it allows you to guide your contacts by saving searches and favoriting properties for them. A First-Time Homebuyer for example might not know exactly where he/she should be looking, so why not pop in and suggest some properties to them? (Note: this feature should be used in moderation. In other words, don’t subscribe people to receive updates way out of the range of what they’re looking for).

How To Impersonate an IDX Visitor:

To impersonate an IDX visitor, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into your Control Panel,
  2. Hover over dsSearchAgent >> Click on “Contacts”
  3. Select a Contact from one of your Contact Groups (Pull up that contacts profile page)
  4. Click on “Impersonate IDX Visitor” on the right-hand side (scroll down towards the middle of the page)

Once there, click on the “Impersonate IDX Visitor” button. This will log you into the IDX as that user. There, you can:

  • Create and Save a new search,
  • Favorite specific properties,

Make sense? Here, let’s look at this process on video…

Video Tutorial:

[youtube width=549 height=334]MDXrkDOFgoY[/youtube]

Do you use this to create searches for clients and favorite properties? Have you found it useful?