How Much Data Should You (or Will You) Restrict On Registration?

When we announced the release of dsSearchAgent v3.2 yesterday, one of the new features enabled is the ability to control lead capture by choosing which property detail fields visitors must be logged in to access.

When someone’s browsing the mapping IDX on your website for the first time, this is what they’ll see:

dsSearchAgent - custom registration

They’ll have to create an account before being able to access certain data points. Note, that this is different than customizing your registration settings by # of searches before registration and # of listing views before registration.

We added a new section in your Control Panel under: dsSearchAgent Options > Click on “Registration.” You’ll see the following field: Detail Data Restrictions.

detail data restrictions - dsSearchAgent

Here, you can control what data you want to restrict and require the user the opt-in before viewing. The list includes:

  • Description
  • Community
  • Tract
  • Schools
  • Price Changes
  • Features
  • Days on Market
  • Year Built


How Much Data Should You (or Will You) Restrict?

Here’s the part where I’m curious… How much data should you restrict on registration? What data do you think consumers are interested in the most? Price changes? Days on market?

What data will you restrict (if at all any) to encourage visitors to register?

I’d really love to hear your opinions and if you don’t mind sharing your results, we’ll do a follow up post on what others are doing and seeing success with.