How To Add A Custom Logo To Your Mobile Search

You can bookmark a website on an iPhone for example by hitting the (+) icon. This allows you to add any website to your home screen (thus looking much more like an app). This of course is great for anyone who wants to bookmark your site to access your mobile search…


Before however, the default logo and text read: dsMobileIDX. Which doesn’t necessarily line up with your site’s branding.

So as of today, we’ve added an option under your dsSearchAgent Mobile settings wherein you can customize the logo and add your own personally branded logo instead so it looks more like this:

To activate, simply:

  1. Log into your Control Panel,
  2. Hover over dsSearchAgent >> Click on “Mobile Options”
  3. Click on “Upload Image” under the Favicon/Home Screen Option – and upload your own custom image.

Now, the next time a client bookmarks your home search page on their mobile device, they’ll have a nicely branded icon.

Branding baby!

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